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Primary Classroom Blogs

Pepper, Pepper, Pepper……..Capsicum?

We have had the most interesting Shared News items lately and today’s example was not only interesting but tasty too!

Thank you for bringing in your home grown green pepper/capsicum!  We loved cutting it up and looking at the seeds……BUT……..the best bit was when we got to EAT it!


Multicultural Day at Wentworth College

Our Year 8 Wentworth College friends invited us to their Multicultural Day.  The Year 8 Global Perspective students displayed posters and created food items to represent the culture of a specific country.  We enjoyed our visit and we even tried some yummy (and new) treats!

Thank you Year 8 – we can’t wait to visit you again!

Grandparents everywhere!

Today we had the absolute pleasure of hosting our Grandparents, as well as family and friends at school!

Our visiting Wentworth whanau were invited to join in with tongue twisters, singing and even dancing.  We then took our family and friends into our classroom to look at some of things that we do in a school day.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.  It was a special day and we loved sharing our school life with you!


Beach Picnic Family Fun!

Our Wentworth Beach Picnic is a fun day out for the entire whanau.  We absolutely loved that our Wentworth community had the opportunity to get to know each other better and it was a delight to see our Year 7 and 8 College friends.

Highlights of the day included:-

  • swimming,
  • water games,
  • sausage sizzle,
  • sandcastle building,
  • cricket,
  • and of course iceblocks!

Thank you to all who made it – I am certainly looking forward to next year!


Term 1: Weeks 4 – 7

Beach Day

Not the sort of look that assures you that he will spare civilians

Cupcake envy 

In reality, she’s not actually that short.

“Has anyone seen my eyeball??”

Not the first piece of seaweed I’ve seen, but he wasn’t to know.

Chess Lesson

“Did we win? We stole the most pieces from other boards?”

Sometimes it’s fun to torment your prisoners while you’re waiting for the other person to finish their turn.

Queen of the King

Rodin’s “The Thinker”

Needs to work on her poker face

A cool and calm explanation of how she’s going to slaughter her opponent.

Chess Fest…

Today, we had Paul from Chess Power visit us to teach us how to play chess like a Grand Master. We learned all the pieces’ names and movements as well as the rules of combat and how to beat our opponents by squashing their pieces!


Bike Safety

Thank you Bigfoot Adventures for coming in to teach us how to make sure we are safe when riding our bikes.

Our day began with checking our helmets for signs of damage and making sure they fitted properly!

Then it was onto checking our bikes were roadworthy with the ABCD Quick test.

Finally, we were ready to cycle and learn how to mount, brake and dismount with control. By the time we had finished playing games and having “slow” races, we were all bike experts!



Our Moas proved that, not only are they fast on land, but they are also super swimmers as well! Our Y6 athletes took part in the College and Upper Primary Swimming Sports Day – there was lots of splashing, cheering and fun to be had – and our relay teams took the College by surprise, competing brilliantly to win the Y6/7 Girls’ Relay and just pipped into second place in the Boys’ Relay.


Week 2 – Alphabet Soup

Task: 20 minutes to collect things from A to Z to go in the pot. On your marks, get set….cook!!!



Beach Picnic 2020

The annual Family Beach Picnic was a great day out  –  sun, sand, swimming and water guns!

The Year 6 fundraising also got off to a fantastic start with sausages, dumplings, quiche and bake sale! Thank you to the parents who donated foods and energy in cooking and selling!

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