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Pilates & Ballet


Pilates is an option after school as a free class for students and parents alike. Attendees meet in the College Hall, where the carpet is welcoming to those who forget their mats! 

Involving anaerobic exercise, Pilates works on moving the muscles in small pulses until they ‘burn’ as they tone. The challenge is to survive the entire workout without a rest. Each of the 3 sections is 10 minutes long, working out firstly the arms and abs, followed by hips and thighs, then the back and buttocks. Only a few attendees actually manage to complete the entire workout! 


Wentworth College has a wonderful Dance Studio, complete with Ballet barres and full length mirrors. As an advanced ballerina in a previous life, Mrs Poppe still loves to do a good barre workout and a regular group of students and parents join her after school for a one hour ballet class.  All the exercises are devised from parts of the different syllabi that Mrs Poppe has studied, and each music track was an originally composed piece of music.

Ballet increases flexibility, strength and muscle tone. During the classes attendees learn barre exercises with Plies, Battements, the placement of positions and some pointe work. We also do some centre work including arabesques and some basic pirouettes.

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