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Purple Mash Computer Science Integration

Sep 10, 2020 | Katipo - Year 3 blog

Year three students have been using the Purple mash programme across the curriculum, here is a show case of some of the work produced.  This has been implemented throughout the year.  The main is focus remains paper and pencil.

Once you have accessed the link you can interact with the programme.

The first piece of work is from 2DIY3D, with this programme the children had to design their own game.

Another programme the children have used is from 2 question which is a branching database that one of the students created.

We have used 2 connect to plan and write write stories.  The great thing about this programme it allows the children to have their plan beside them and insert parts of the plan into the writing.

The children have been creating music compositions with Miss Sancto.  They used the progamme 2 sequence.

Next is an example of a reading response from Serial Mash.

Lately the children have created a database using 2 investigate.  They have thoroughly enjoyed using this programme.  The next step is using the database to create a quiz.

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