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Years 12 and 13

Cambridge International Qualifications

International A Level is one of the most recognised qualifications and is accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide. Cambridge AS Level is typically taken at the mid-point of an A Level programme. A2 is the second part of the A Level programme (usually at the end of Year 12). To gain an A Level in a subject, students need both an AS and an A2 in a subject.

The following subjects are offered at AS Level:

  • AS Art and Design – Fine Art
  • AS Art and Design – Fine Art Photography
  • AS Art and Design – Graphic Communication
  • AS Biology
  • AS Business
  • AS Chemistry
  • AS Computer Science
  • AS Design Technology
  • AS Economics
  • AS English Language and Literature
  • AS English Literature
  • AS Geography
  • AS History
  • AS Marine Studies
  • AS Mathematics
  • AS Music
  • AS Physics
  • AS Sports & Physical Education

All AS subjects are completed in one year. The examinations are held in November. Students have the option, if successful, of continuing their studies in Year 13 and completing the full A Level.

For entry to a New Zealand university, student must pass an English course to gain their literary requirements.

A2 – Advanced Level

Year 13 students have a number of options available to them. Most of them choose three A2 subjects or four subjects made up of A2 and AS courses. Year 13 students may choose new subjects at AS Level or repeat a subject to improve their grade, or take their AS subjects on to A2 in order to complete their full A Level.

  • A2 Art and Design – Fine Art
  • A2 Art and Design – Fine Art Photography
  • A2 Art and Design – Graphic Communication
  • A2 Biology
  • A2 Chemistry
  • A2 Computer Science
  • A2 Design Technology
  • A2 Economics
  • A2 English Literature
  • A2 Geography
  • A2 History
  • A2 Marine Science
  • A2 Mathematics
  • A2 Music
  • A2 Physics

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