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My time in New Zealand was absolutely amazing. I’m so glad, that I could spend 3 months here. The people I met were really friendly and I made many new friends.

Luna Rizzo (Germany)

I believe that the values at Wentworth have enabled my daughters to know it’s ok to achieve and do well at whatever they choose.


Wentworth has a lot of kind and friendly teachers. If you don’t understand some topics you can see them at morning tea or lunch time and they will give you extra help.


This was by far the best year of my school life because of the learning opportunities, plus all the welcoming and kind people.


The kids came home from school animated, excited and confident about what they were learning and the friendships they were making.

Kim & Steve

We love the family based values at Wentworth and the teacher to pupil ratio is excellent!

Garth and Linda

Wentworth is fun i.e: learning is fun. This can only be attributed to the way teachers teach and interact with students.


Being able to contact the principal or vice principal about your child, and know they know your child well and can really offer advice, is unique.

Mark & Tia

We admire your professional knowledge and kind personality very much. It is a fantastic and special experience to study in your school.


Our daughter has only been at the school for 2 weeks however we have already seen her confidence grow …


Our children’s progress in two terms has been phenomenal due to the excellent quality of teaching and the small class sizes.


For all the schools our boys have attended we have found that they settled at Wentworth the quickest.


My son enjoyed more sports and leadership opportunities than he had in a larger primary school.


In such a short space of time our son’s self confidence has grown & there has never been a day where he has not wanted to go to school!

Kim & David

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