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Why Choose Wentworth

The mission of Wentworth College is to create a co-educational school where every student is educated to achieve his or her full potential; to create opportunities, expand horizons, reward effort and encourage excellence in an efficient, disciplined, caring and supportive environment.

Wentworth College undertakes to foster equity, respect, self-worth, interpersonal skills and a worthwhile values system, so enabling each student to make a lifelong positive contribution to society.

Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for secondary school students. Every year millions of students are entered for CAIE examinations in over 150 different countries. The curriculum is international and does not simply demand recalled knowledge but emphasises the acquisition of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Wentworth College has been acknowledged as a leading global educator and awarded the status of Cambridge Centre of Excellence, which places us in the top 1% of 10,000 Cambridge schools worldwide.   See ‘Curriculum‘ section for specific year levels.

Small Class Sizes.

The number of students in a class does impact on the amount of individual attention a student can receive. At Wentworth College our junior classes are around 22 students and in the senior school they seldom exceed 15 students with usually less than 10 students in A2 classes. This helps ensure effective teaching can take place.

Academic Excellence: Over 90% of Year 13 students gain University Entrance.

Under the Cambridge Assessment International Education system, students can gain sufficient points for entry to university from the end of Year 12. However, most students choose to complete Year 13 in order to score even higher points, thereby ensuring their eligibility to specialist university courses.

Traditional ‘House’ structure with positive, competitive inter-House competitions.

Safe, structured competition is healthy for young people and all students in Wentworth College are assigned to one of three Houses: McDonaldFindlay and Fleming. These are the names of the founders of the College. Students, and their families, become very excited cheering for their House when it comes to Inter-House sporting challenges such as Swimming and Athletics days.

Strong pastoral care support with individual mentoring.

Students say Wentworth is like a family. Being a small school we all know each other and can keep an eye out for one another, offering support and encouragement, being a friend or maybe even an older brother or sister reminding someone younger of how they ought to behave. Each student is assigned a Tutor who may or may not be one of their teachers. The Tutor Group meets once a day and the Tutor’s role is to keep an oversight on each student’s attendance and progress, and to counsel them if needed. Deans also operate as part of the caring and guidance system, being there to help and guide the students when necessary.

Wide range of sporting activities with 65% to 70% of students representing the school in sports. (including sailing, rowing and air pistol shooting).

Being set on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast, Wentworth students enjoy their sports and 23 different codes are offered in the College. Being located at Gulf Harbour and near the Weiti River, sailing and rowing are very popular. Our large gymnasium enables basketball and pistol shooting, whilst the astro-turf sports field ensures netball and hockey thrive. Most students in the College choose to play at least one sport.

Specialist, experienced teachers.

Student learning is our key focus at Wentworth College. Students at Wentworth have specialist teachers, qualified and trained in their individual curriculum areas so that students can learn from skilled practitioners. This includes the Years 7 and 8 students who learn Science with a Science teacher in a laboratory, Music with a specialist Music teacher, etc. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and teach with enthusiasm. Feedback from the students and our examination results show us we have a skilled teaching staff.

Extensive range of student clubs and groups.

Each year the range of clubs and groups can change according to the interests of the students. Some of those on offer are Chess, Photography, Debating and Thinkers. We also have a number of musical groupsand music lessons on offer, an annual drama productionStage Challenge, and a film festival showcasing films made by the students. There are Science and Spanish clubs as well as peer tutoring at lunchtimes in English, Mathematics and Science.

Wentworth Bus Service running from Matakana, Kaukapakapa, Coatesville and North Shore.

The Wentworth Bus Service ensures we are accessible for students from a wide geographic area.

Bayes Coachlines are contracted to provide a service for students from Orewa and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The school also runs its own buses from Matakana and Kaukapakapa, with a mini-van run to the North Shore if needed.

View bus routes and costs.

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