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Entrance Scholarships for 2025

The Wentworth Trust Board have announced there will be two Entrance Scholarships for 2025, one for a Year 7 entrant, and one for a Year 9 entrant to Wentworth College.

The New Entrance Scholarships are awarded based on the results of a scholarship examination held in July, whilst also considering any applicants’ exceptional ability (such as in sport, cultural and community endeavours).  Applicants are required to sit assessments in English and Mathematics, each of approximately 1 hour’s duration.

Applications for the scholarship must be submitted by Wednesday 3rd July 2024.  The Scholarship examination will be by invitation only.  The date of the this year’s scholarship examination is Tuesday 30th July 2024, for students wishing to enter Wentworth College in 2025.  Successful winners of the Scholarships will be notified by Wednesday 28th August.

For all enquiries about scholarships, please contact

Register your interest in taking the Entrance Scholarship Examination here to receive your information pack:

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