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ERO Reports

“Expectations are based on principles of mutual respect, enjoyment of learning, and engagement. Classrooms are purposeful and students clearly enjoy the opportunities they have to explore ideas and to establish a sound knowledge base… in a climate in which students can take risks intellectually and be supported by teachers and fellow students.”

“Wentworth College appreciates that students need a wide range of skills to equip them for the demands of living in today’s rapidly changing international environment. Along with social, academic, cultural and sporting skills, Wentworth College students are provided with courses that address this modern need.”

“Small class sizes, together with the respectful relationships evident between teachers and students, foster a climate of exploration and personal challenge.”

Education Review Office

Primary ERO Reports

ERO Report 2019

ERO Report 2014

ERO Report 2011

ERO Report 2008

College ERO Reports

ERO Report 2021

ERO Report 2016

ERO Report 2012

ERO Report 2009

ERO Report 2006

ERO Report 2003

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