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School Life and Rules

Wentworth students are expected to honour the Wentworth Values, to show courtesy and respect to all people at all times, to wear the Wentworth uniform with pride, and to always be aware that when they are dressed in Wentworth Uniform – onsite or off – they are representing Wentworth and the school rules apply.

Wentworth students are actively encouraged to think of others. Emphasis is placed on respect, compassion, consideration, honesty and truthfulness as values that are important and relevant to the lives of young people today.

The values programme is at the heart of all we do, and students must show commitment to the following Wentworth Values:


to all people at all times


striving to do your best and actively acknowledging the success of others


of appearance, uniform, work and the school


participating fully in school activities and actively encouraging others

Work Ethic

demonstrating self-discipline and diligence


management of time and resources


for self, others, property and the environment


of differing opinions, backgrounds, beliefs and abilities


true to yourself and the values of Wentworth Primary School

Students receive recognition and praise for demonstrating these values.

School Life and Rules

Wentworth College school life and rules are printed at the front of the Wentworth College homework diary, and a full copy is also available to download here:  School Life and Rules

Wentworth Primary school life and rules are printed in the Guide for New Parents Handbook that new families receive on enrolment of their child.


A Wentworth College contracted bus service operates with pick-ups at Dairy Flat, Silverdale, Orewa and points along the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The College also runs 3 of its own buses, with students coming from as far afield as Matakana in the North, Kaukapakapa in the West and Albany on Auckland’s North Shore.

The School Day

The Primary School day runs from 9am to 3.10pm, with sports and cultural activities held either during breaks, or before / after school and on Saturdays.

The College teaching day runs from 8.40am to 3.20pm, with sports and cultural activities held either during breaks or before/after school and on Saturdays.

Pastoral Care and Guidance

Wentworth operates a family ‘House’ pastoral care structure, with each student placed in a House from the time of their enrolment. Within each House, students are assigned a Tutor Group which meets once a day with the Tutor’s role being to keep an oversight on each student’s attendance and progress, and to counsel them if needed. Deans also operate as part of the caring and guidance system, being there to help the students and guide them when necessary. As students move into the senior school, careers guidance is also available through the Deputy Principal.

The College is committed to the pastoral care of students. This commitment enables every student to make a confident transition from school to work or tertiary study.

Standards of Behaviour

While at school students are expected to behave with courtesy and consideration, thus contributing to an environment of mutual respect and support.

Behaviour Outside School

When travelling to and from school, the school uniform must be worn correctly and a high standard of conduct exhibited at all times. Students should be aware that when in uniform, their conduct reflects upon both themselves and the reputation of the College.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

Students must not be involved with cigarettes, alcohol or drugs at school, or to and from school, or on any occasion when they are wearing school uniform, or at any function held under the control of the College. The school will view such involvement (in possession, use or association with the activity) as a serious offence. The Police Youth Aid will be given the details of any Wentworth student who becomes involved in criminal activity while at school or while taking part in any event associated with the school.


Students are under the school’s authority from the time they leave home until they return home, or at any function held under the control of the College.

Electronic games, CD players, I’pods, matches, lighters, or any dangerous implements must not be brought to school.

All clothing, books and sports gear must be clearly named. No responsibility will be taken for lost property, but considerable effort will be made to find it if clothing and equipment are named.

Students are not to chew gum.

No school-age or personal friends of students may be on school grounds during school time.

Bicycles may not be ridden in the school grounds and there must be no doubling.

Damage, such as broken windows, must be reported to the school office. Students must be prepared to pay for damage caused.

If parents wish to locate their children during the day or after school, they are requested to enquire at the school office. If parents wish to discuss a problem with teachers, they are requested to make an appointment.

Internet and Computer use

All students at Wentworth College are issued with their own individual login name and password, giving them access to the school’s internal network, email and internet. Prior to being given their login details, both the student and a parent/caregiver must sign an Computer Agreement, indicating their acceptance of, and agreement with, the conditions of use stipulated in the Agreement. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found to be breaching the terms of the Agreement.

Download the  Internet /Computer and Computer Peripherals Agreement.


Students receive regular homework, set to allow them to practise and consolidate skills previously taught at school and to develop personal study skills. Homework is expected to be completed or a note should be produced. Because students work at different speeds, it is difficult to lay down guidelines for hours of homework, but students in Years 7 and 8 will normally have about 45 minutes of homework each night, whilst students in Years 9 to 11 will normally need to do one to two hours homework.

Homework includes:

  • reading and background research
  • preparation of new work
  • learning vocabulary
  • revision and practice exercises
  • revising for tests/examinations
  • preparation of projects or assignments

Parents can assist by:

  • taking an interest in homework
  • checking a student’s homework
  • helping students plan their time
  • providing a quiet place or room

Textbooks and Stationery

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that school textbooks are cared for and returned after use in the best possible condition. Damage resulting from a lack of care will be charged. Stationery lists are posted on the school website showing the requirements for each subject, with each list broken into 2 sections. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase items in the first section, whilst items in the second section will be supplied by the school and invoiced to parents.

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