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Playing Sport at Wentworth Primary

Wentworth Primary views sport as an integral part of school life and aims to provide students with a number of sporting programmes. These programmes range from school sports, inter-school sports and club sporting activities.

All school sporting programmes are organised and, where possible, coached by members of the teaching staff or senior Wentworth College students. This helps to develop respect and a sense of community between coaches and students.

Aims of Sport

  1. To promote the opportunity for all students to actively participate in a wide range of individual and team sports.
  2. To develop within students the qualities of self esteem, personal fitness, team commitment, sense of fair play and school spirit.
  3. To provide pathways and support for students to further develop sporting success.
  4. To ensure that Wentworth Primary fields competitive school sporting teams.
  5. To encourage the concept of ‘giving it a go’.

Sports Policy

  1. Players are expected to attend trainings and wear correct sporting attire to the training sessions.
  2. Players must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Sporting Code or organisation that they play in.
  3. Players must always display a sense of fair play and respect for the referee’s decision.
  4. All sporting teams must adhere to the safety requirements of the sporting competition entered. This refers, in particular, to the wearing of mouth guards, shin guards, helmets and other protective equipment required in some sports.
  5. Each sporting team will carry a first aid kit.

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