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Wentworth Primary Uniform

General Information

Wentworth Primary School expects students to take pride in their uniform and to wear it correctly at all times. When students are in school uniform, school rules apply whether you are on the school grounds or not. Correct official uniform is required for:

  • attendance at school
  • travelling to and from school
  • attendance at school functions away from school (sports tours, cultural and social)

Incorrect uniform, or a mixture of school uniform, sports gear and personal non uniform clothing, is not acceptable in the street.   Students not in the correct uniform are required to have a note from home explaining the reason for the discrepancy.  Jackets and raincoats must not be worn inside the classrooms. T-shirts, singlets and other underwear worn for extra warmth must not be visible.

COVID-19 – Purchasing Uniform Under Alert Level 2

The Uniform Shop is open during Alert Level 2. 

OPTION 1 – Click and Collect

If you know the size you need, or just need socks / tights etc, you may order items of clothing with on-line payment and contactless collection. Please email the Uniform Shop Manager, Lee Nelson.  Lee will confirm availability of the item, and then ask you to transfer payment online to the Wentworth Uniform Shop Account (Account number 02 0100 0816277 12).  The order will be fulfilled by the administration team at Wentworth, and will be passed to your child via their teacher.

OPTION 2 – Uniform Shop is open

We no longer need to do booked appointments for the Uniform Shop.  If you have an appointment already booked, we will still keep that appointment for you.  With the numbers requiring new uniform items having reduced considerably, the Uniform Shop has resumed its normal hours as follows:

Tuesday mornings: 8:15am to 9:30am
Thursdays afternoons: 3pm to 4:30pm

From Tuesday 26th May, the shop will be open tomorrow for both booked appointments and for casual call-ins (although bookings will take precedence).

From Thursday 28th May onwards, no bookings are required.

Please note that under Alert Level 2, we must continue to have only one family in the shop at a time, meaning that any other parents must wait outside, maintaining the 2m social distancing rules (or wait in their vehicles).

We must also continue to contact trace any visitors to the shop.

As always, the simplest method of purchasing uniform items, if you know the item and size you require, is to use the ‘click and collect’ method; order and pay in advance, and we will pass the item to your child via their teacher.

Uniform Shop Hours

All new uniform items for both Wentworth Primary and College are sold from the uniform shop located at the College, 2 doors down from Reception. During term dates the shop is open from 8:15am until approx. 9:30am on Tuesday mornings, and again from 3:00pm until approx. 4.30pm on Thursday afternoons. Opening hours during school holidays are notified to the parent community through the weekly e-newsletters.

Second hand uniforms can be sold direct by parents through the UniformMe website – In the ‘Location’ box, select ‘Wentworth School & College’. From here, go to ‘Buy Sell & Trade’, create an account, and you’ll be able to buy and sell second-hand items. Alternatively, some parents prefer to sell second-hand items through the Facebook group, “HBC Second Hand Uniforms” or our own WWFF (Wentworth Friends and Family) group.

Uniform Price List

View the Uniform Shop Price List (as at July 2019) [pdf]

Changeover Dates for Summer and Winter Uniform

Term 1 – summer uniform is compulsory.

Term 2 – summer or winter uniform may be worn from the beginning of Term 2 up to the end of April. Winter uniform is compulsory from 1 May onwards.

Term 3 – winter uniform is compulsory.

Term 4 – from Labour Day through to the end of Term 4 summer uniform is compulsory. If Labour Day falls part way through Term 4, from the beginning of Term 4 until Labour Day either summer or winter uniform may be worn.  

Please note:

In accordance with our sunsafe policy, in Term 1 and Term 4, school uniform sunhats are compulsory for all students.  There are two styles – a slouch hat or a bucket hat with a full brim.  No caps.

Winter uniform is worn for end-of-year Assembly and Prize Giving, official photographs, ANZAC parade attendance and Year 6 Graduation evening.


Students are expected to wear their hair styled in a reasonably conventional way. Hair must be kept tidy throughout the normal activities of a school day. Unnatural colours, or extreme colouring, or streaks and patches of colour, or tufted styles, dreadlocks and braids are not permitted. Girls’ hair must be clear of the face and eyes. Plain hair bands and clips, black or navy only, may be worn by girls to contain the hair. Long hair must be dressed up or tied back.  Boys’ hair must be clean and controlled and clear of the face and must not be below the top edge of the collar. Shaved or extreme styles are not permitted.


Students may not wear facial makeup. Nail polish, if worn, must be colourless.


Only a wristwatch may be worn. Students may not wear chains or necklaces around the neck. Girls with pierced ears may wear one matching pair of small, plain, unobtrusive studs in the lower part of each earlobe. Boys are not permitted to wear any jewellery other than a watch.

PE Uniform 

The PE uniform consists of burgundy and blue T-shirts and shorts. It is usually worn during all PE classes, with sports shoes. It is also worn at whole school sporting events, and inter-school sports competitions.

The Wentworth Primary School uniform consists of the following:

Girls Summer

  • Summer Dress – length mid calf
  • School slouch hat or bucket hat is compulsory
  • Burgundy & blue PE shirt
  • Burgundy & blue PE shorts

Girls Winter

  • Winter Tunic – length mid calf
  • Winter Shirt
  • Jumper
  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • School navy blue tights
  • Burgundy & blue PE shirt
  • Burgundy & blue PE shorts
Boys Summer

  • Summer Polo
  • Summer Shorts
  • School slouch hat or bucket hat is compulsory
  • Burgundy & blue PE shirt
  • Burgundy & blue PE shorts

Boys Winter

  • Winter Shirt
  • Winter Shorts
  • Jumper
  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • School knee length socks
  • Burgundy & blue PE shirt
  • Burgundy & blue PE shorts

Footwear Guidelines

For safety reasons, all school footwear – summer and winter, boys and girls – must have substantial sole and heel, with tread.

SUMMER Footwear


  • Plain black leather school shoes with white ankle socks; or
  • Black leather sandals without socks.


  • Plain black leather school lace-up shoes with school regulation socks; or
  • Black leather sandals without socks.

WINTER Footwear


  • Plain black leather school shoes with regulation school navy blue tights.
    Shoes may be lace-up or T-bar/U-bar shoes, with tread.


  • Plain black leather school lace-up or buckle shoes with regulation school socks.

Please note: The following are not permitted:

  • Non-leather shoes or sandals.
  • Sports shoes – slip-on shoes – shoes with minimal or no tread.
  • Shoes or sandals that do not have a substantial sole and heel.
  • Shoes with a heel over 3cm in height.

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