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Bus Transport

We are pleased to confirm bus routes for 2021 

This page was updated 24th November 2021

hese routes are occasionally modified slightly throughout the school year to ensure the routes are logical and that new students are catered for.

Download a printable version Overview of 2021 Bus Service

For bus zones and costs 2021 Bus fares and Zones

Please note that buses may be later than the times noted on the timetables, due to traffic volumes and roadworks etc. However, on the morning bus runs drivers will not depart a bus stop earlier than the stated time. Please ensure students are waiting at the bus stop well in advance of the stated time. After the initial settling in period, if we find that routes and pick-up times have changed substantially, updated timetables will be issued.

The Wentworth bus service is run on a ‘cost recovery’ basis (i.e. non-profit) and every endeavour has been made to keep costs as low as possible. Whilst some costs continue to rise, we are pleased to advise that the bus fees remain unchanged from last year.

Wentworth School App

The Wentworth School App is free to download from the App Store. Once downloaded, you can join any of the listed groups – bus, cultural, and sports – in which your child is involved, and receive automated messages specific to those groups. (There is also an absentee option, which allows you to send the school a message from the App.) If your child is using any of the school buses, please download the App and join the appropriate bus group. This will ensure you receive notifications of any significant timing issues due to vehicle accidents, road works etc.

Annual Fee

(paid by 10 equal Automatic Payments from February to November incl.)

Zone 1 $800.00 ($80 per month)
Zone 2 $1,050.00 ($105 per month)
Zone 3 $1,400.00 ($140 per month)
Zone 4 (West & Nth Shore) $1,600.00 ($160 per month)
Zones 5 (North) $1,800.00 ($180 per month)


(tickets must be purchased in advance from the Student Support Office)

Zone 1 $2.00
Zone 2 $3.00
Zone 3 $4.00
Zone 4 & 5 $5.00

Please note – spare seats are not always available on all buses. An enquiry should be made to the school office to see if a seat is available before purchasing a casual ticket.

Bus Routes

Bayes’ bus pick-ups will be made at official Bus Stops only.

Bayes Bus

Driver: Bayes Coachlines Employee
Orewa / Hatfields/ Whangaparaoa Bus Route

Students in Wentworth Primary or College uniform will be collected from any official Bus Stop along this route

7:45am From motorway on to Grand Drive
Grand Drive
Westhoe Road
Puriri Avenue
7:50am Hibiscus Coast Highway,
Bottom Hatfields Beach,
Hatfields Beach pick ups
Hibiscus Coast Highway
Red Beach Road,
Bay Street,
Marellen Drive,
Whangaparaoa Road
Viponds Road
Langton Road
Brightside Road
Stanmore Bay Road
Whangaparaoa Road
8:15am Pacific Plaza,
Whangaparaoa Road,
Ladies Mile,
Kawau Island Ave
8:20am Manly Park Ave,
Laurence Ave,
Beach Road,
Whangaparaoa Road,
Gulf Harbour Drive
8:30am Wentworth College
3:30pm Depart Wentworth College (service in reverse)

Wentworth College Minivan – ALBANY

Driver: Wentworth Employee
Albany / Dairy Flat / Stillwater Bus Route

7:25am Albany Village
7:30am Spencer Road, Albany (drop off bay outside Pinehill School)
7:30am Oteha Valley Road / Rising Parade
7:35am Baptist Church
7:50am Green Road
7:55am Dairy Flat Bakery
7:55am Wilks Road
8:00am cnr East Coast Bays & Spur Rds, Stillwater
8:10am Bus Bay at Stella Maris
Express from this point
8:30am Wentworth College
3:25pm Service in reverse

Wentworth College Bus – WEST

Driver: Wentworth Employee
Kaukapakapa / Wainui / Millwater Bus Route

7:40am Kaukapakapa Hall, left on to Waitoki Road
7:50am cnr Wainui & Weranui Rds (gravel area outside Progressive Maint.)
7:55am cnr Wainui & Gervin Rds
8:00am cnr Wainui & Kowhai Rds (further stops along Wainui Rd, as agreed with driver)
8:02am cnr Bankside/Prospect Terrace
8:03am Bankside Rd, prior to Butler Stone Cres
8:05am Bankside Rd, Millwater (just past Miller Rise)
express from this point, along Whangaparaoa Rd.
3:25pm  Service in reverse

Wentworth College Bus – NORTH

Driver: Wentworth Employee
Matakana / Warkworth Bus Route

7:30am Matakana Primary School
7:35am Sharp Road/Sandspit Road Corner
7:40am Opposite Courthouse in Warkworth township
Express from this point …
8:30am Wentworth College
3:30pm Depart Wentworth College
Express from this point …
4:20pm Sharp Road/Sandspit Road corner
4:30pm Matakana Primary

Wentworth College Bus – SILVERDALE

Driver: Wentworth Employee
Millwater/Whangaparaoa Rd/Army Bay Loop Bus Route

8:00am Millwater Parkway / Stella Maris Lane
8:05am Millwater Parkway/HBC Highway
8:10am North Haven Hospital / Whangaparaoa Road
8:15am Z Station Manly
8:22am Whangaparaoa Rd / Siesta Tce
Picks up along Army Bay Loop
8:30am Wentworth College
3:25pm      Service in reverse

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