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House Structure

Wentworth Primary School enjoys a traditional ‘House’ structure with positive, competitive inter-House competitions.

All students in Wentworth Primary School are assigned to one of three Houses: McDonald, Findlay and Fleming. These are the names of the founders of the school. Students, and their families, become very excited cheering for their House when it comes to Inter-House sporting challenges such as swimming and athletics days.

Throughout the year, house points are awarded for outstanding behaviour both academically or perhaps when a student has demonstrated a Wentworth value, such as neatness, or teamwork. Points are also added over a number of sporting and academic competitions, ranging from athletics days, cross country, to inter-house activities such as reading challenges, and spelling bees. The House structure is evident in daily Primary School life, and the winning house at the end of each term is recognised with a fun activity, like a shared fish and chip lunch.

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