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Homestay Accommodation

Whilst some of our International Students live with a parent in New Zealand, many International Students live with caring and safe homestay families. This ensures that students are able to practice their English and become part of a family whilst away from home.

Wentworth Homestay Families are some of the best in New Zealand

We provide caring and safe homestay families in the Gulf Harbour area, ensuring that international students have access to numerous beaches, cafes, shops, and regional parks, as well as the local marina, and can enjoy the Kiwi lifestyle and culture. As a private school, Wentworth College is situated in an affluent neighbourhood, and we are lucky enough to be able to pick and choose some of the best homestay families for our students.

Our goal is to find an ideal match between host parents and students and all our homestay families are police vetted and are handpicked to best suit your child’s needs.

Many of the homestay families have been hosting International Students for many years, and provide our students with a loving and stable home environment.

Become a Homestay Family

Looking after International Students can be a very rewarding experience and teaches other family members about cultural differences. If you are interested in providing a homestay home, either long term, or short term, please contact our homestay coordinator Nicole Westerdaal, on 09 424 3273 or email
We will visit you in your home, and interview you to assess your suitability. If successful, all adults over the age of 18 in your household will need to be police vetted. You will receive a weekly allowance to cover the International Students expenses and living accommodation.

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