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All Primary students enjoy music as part of their curriculum, and have access to itinerant music lessons.

The Primary School students are taught by specialist music teachers from the College. Apart from singing, each year level studies basic music literacy, music appreciation/guided listening and learn different instruments: Year 1-3 enjoy playing on percussion instruments, including glockenspiel; Year 4 & 5 have done exciting rhythmical work with basket balls in the Stomp tradition and started recorder training; and Year 6 have learned several chords on ukulele, enabling them to play a variety of songs.

Students are encouraged to join music groups, such as Orchestra, Choir, Class bands and vocal groups – and a variety of ensembles make the most of opportunities to perform. This includes weekly Assemblies, the School Production, Music Festivals, Concerts and Prize Giving ceremonies. There is a Grand Piano in the College Hall and students are encouraged to perform in front of their peers. This opportunity is not just open to piano players, and we hear a wide range of beautifully played instruments.

The Music Festival in June is always a highlight of the Wentworth Primary calendar, with students performing in their class groups, and soloists impressing us with their talents on a wonderful range of instruments such as the Piano, Drums, Cello and Violin and Guitar, to singing. We have some very talented musicians at Wentworth Primary, and it is a wonderful positive supportive environment to encourage music students to accept the personal challenge of performance.

Itinerant Music Lessons

The itinerant music programme at Wentworth Primary ensures that students have access to tuition on a variety of instruments during school hours.

Lessons are offered on Piano/Keyboard, Guitar and Bass, Drums, Voice, Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet and Trombone. Other instruments could be added to the list if there are enough students to provide a teacher with a reasonable workload. Experts in each field teach students individually or in pairs one day a week for 30 minutes (half a period) at a time. With our 10-day timetable students are out of a specific class every second week. Parents pay the teachers’ fees directly to them.


Sarah Poppe

Sarah Poppe

Teacher of Music

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