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Introducing ME!

Jun 5, 2020 | Kiwi – Year 1 Blog

Our wonderful Kiwi class are learning to introduce themselves in Maori.  We are learning a Pepeha to share a little information about who we are and the connection we feel to our local area.  We have even painted and drawn our sea, mountain and self-portrait to accompany our pepeha.

We are looking forward to showing you the finished artwork!

Our Kiwi class can say the following in Te Reo Maori:-

Kia Ora.

Ko (their name) toku ingoa.  My name is ………….

Ko (insert the name of their mountain) toku maunga.  My mountain is ……..

Ko (insert the name of their favourite beach/sea) toku moana.  My sea (body of water) is…………

Ko Wentworth Primary toku kura.  My school is Wentworth Primary.

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