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End of Term 3

Sep 18, 2019 | Mātātā - Year 5 blog

Wow, what a fun term we have had in Tuatara class! Below are some photographs of some of the learning that we have been doing:

During one of our Data Handling lessons, we had a special visit from some of the year 3 students, who were conducting a survey. Both classes were involved in answering survey questions for each other, which was lots of fun!

This term, Tuatara were set a task of conducting their own research about the Earth and Space, at home, and presenting their findings in any way that they wish. The results were absolutely out of this world!! There was a huge buzz around the school on Monday when all of the children brought their finished products in to share. The children shared their presentations with the rest of the class. It was fantastic to see such a variety of presentations, from games that had been created on Scratch, to google slides and quizzes, top trump games and whole solar systems that had been creatively made – some even lit up! The children presented their findings with great confidence. Well done Tuatara!

Earlier this term we were invited to the college to explore the ‘Ancients Alive’ museum. As we walked around, we listened to a selection of around 40 Ancient people who came alive and spoke about themselves. We had to find and push the activate button in order to hear them. We had a great time learning lots of new and interesting facts.

The Primary School have had a wonderful time celebrating different foods from around the world. We held two shared morning tea and lunch days promoting Global Foods, that is, foods from our country of identity. Year 5 worked hard during Global Perspectives lessons, conducting research and creating posters about their country. Then they presented their information to the rest of the school. Some children even came to school wearing a costume that is identifiable as something from their country. We all had a lovely time trying new and exciting foods. Lots of interesting questions were asked and lots of fun was had!!

As we come towards the final week of the term, I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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