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Distance Learning Achievements

May 7, 2020 | Piwakawaka - Year 1 Blog

These past eight weeks have quite possibly been the most challenging, emotional, creative and spectacular weeks  in my entire teaching career. With such a spectrum of emotions and experiences, I stopped today to reflect on the achievements that have arose from an experience we never expected to happen and I’m sure, we hope will not happen again. Leafing through the abundance of media I have collected, I see clearly,  the strength, determination, perseverance, creativity, kindness, and love, exuding from each image.

I have proudly observed each child dive head first into their learning, reach for the stars to develop and accomplish embedded skills that have enabled them to produce beautifully presented, creative and thoughtful work. I have felt such pride as each child shared their deep kindness for one another and their community as words of consideration and love were artistically presented in letters and cards. I have been inspired by their ability to overcome challenges and look outside the box, to enable them to continue in such a way that has seen their character, skills and strengths expand beyond anything I could dream for them. As I observe the the vastly growing collection of media I have grown these past few weeks, I feel I am the luckiest teacher to exist due to my beautiful Piwakawaka children and their ever supportive and simply wonderful families.

Please enjoy this small selection of memories and recognise as I have, the sheer depth of accomplishment achieved by each child over our time as distance learners.

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