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Sharing learning experiences across the Primary

Sep 17, 2020 | Piwakawaka - Year 1 Blog

Over the past term, the Piwakawaka children have become excellent data collectors. They have discovered there are many ways to present their data; such as tally charts, pictograms and block charts. Extending from this, the children learnt to read and interpret data so they could solve problems and answer simple questions.

Today, the Y1 children had the wonderful opportunity to see how all that learning can grow and be extended when Y3 shared their learning from their ‘Data Handling’ unit. In Katipō Class, they have been investigating a chosen topic and storing their collected data in data bases that they have each created. They then each created a corresponding quiz to share with other children.

For our Piwakawaka children, they each had the opportunity to explore the journey of their learning through to Y3 as the Katipō children paired up with a Y1 child and walked them through their journey from data collection, to creating a data base, to developing a corresponding quiz.

What a fantastic real world learning experience this was for our children, and we had lots of fun!

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