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Mātātā – Year 5 blog

Kelly Tarlton Visit

We were SO excited to visit the Kelly Tarlton Aquarium this week. It was lovely that we were able to have the whole place to ourselves. We enjoyed exploring all of the different areas. We went through the tunnel, where we saw sharks, fish and stingrays. We also spotted pufferfish, jellyfish and seahorses. We explored the arctic area, where we saw different penguins. We even got to hold startfish and ‘rescue’ sea turtles. It was a wonderful day! Thank you to the parents who came along with us on this lovely day.



Year 5 – Term 1 Learning

Here are a few snapshots of us in action.

In Science we observed flowers and dissected them to see the different parts.

Here we are engrossed in our reading. We love to add new words that we come across into our word books, so that we can use them in our own writing.

Year 5 – Term 1: Grandparents Galore

In Term 1, we welcomed our lovely Grandparents along to visit the school and our classrooms. We had lots of fun! We sang for the Grandparents as a whole school, then went to our classrooms, where we played a variety of games, both old and new.

Year 5 – Term 1: Cycle Safety

During Term 1, Years 5 and 6 participated in a cycle safety programme. Children enjoyed the opportunity to bring their own bikes to school and were taught how to check that their bikes and helmets are safe to use. After this, they enjoyed cycling and playing games whilst riding. Check out a few pictures below:


Year 5 – Term 1: Chess

Year 5 had an exciting day on March 10th. We enjoyed spending time in the college with our visitor who taught us all about the history of chess, the names of each piece and how to play the game. We even had an opportunity to play a few games:


Year 5 – Term 1: Beach Picnic

Thank you to all of the wonderful families who came on our outing the the Beach Picnic at Shakespear Park with us in February.

All of the children from the whole school had an absolutely wonderful time. Thank you to those parents who helped out on the day.

Welcome to Mātātā Class

Welcome all Parents, Families and Students to the Year 5 2020 Blog. Our class this year is called the Mātātā Class.

We have had a wonderful start to the year. The class have settled back into school life incredibly well. This term we welcome Sabine and Jude into the class. They have settled in nicely and had a very warm welcome from the rest of the class.

In Maths, we have started the term by looking at rather large numbers. We have been playing place value games and comparing numbers.

In Science, the students are learning all about ‘The Life Cycle of a Flowering plant’. We have discussed what plants we know and how we think plants grow. We are excited to continue or learning in this area.

In English we are reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We have looked at the cover page and blurb and have started to read the text. The whole class are very excited and are already enjoying the beginning of this fabulous adventure story. We can’t wait to find out the journey it takes us on.

I look forward to meeting you at the ILP meetings next week, where your child will receive targets based on our beginning of year assessments.

In the meantime, if you need to contact me for any reason, please email me at





Term 4 so far

Tuatara class have had a busy start to Term 4, starting with assessments in the first few weeks. I am incredibly proud of all of our class members for having positive attitudes towards their assessments and giving it their all.

This term we welcome Ann into our classroom. As always, the children have been very welcoming, allowing Ann to settle into life at Wentworth with ease. If you see Ann around, be sure to give her a nice Wentworth welcome!

Last week the class were very lucky to have Ms Gee use her expertise to teach the class all about flax weaving. Everyone was very engaged and very much enjoyed the lesson. They particularly enjoyed the practical element of making their garlands. Thank you to Ms Gee for a lovely lesson. Please see some lovely photographs below:

We look forward to some exciting times ahead, with Volvo Learn to Sail coming up shortly, along with the Kids4Kids concert.


End of Term 3

Wow, what a fun term we have had in Tuatara class! Below are some photographs of some of the learning that we have been doing:

During one of our Data Handling lessons, we had a special visit from some of the year 3 students, who were conducting a survey. Both classes were involved in answering survey questions for each other, which was lots of fun!

This term, Tuatara were set a task of conducting their own research about the Earth and Space, at home, and presenting their findings in any way that they wish. The results were absolutely out of this world!! There was a huge buzz around the school on Monday when all of the children brought their finished products in to share. The children shared their presentations with the rest of the class. It was fantastic to see such a variety of presentations, from games that had been created on Scratch, to google slides and quizzes, top trump games and whole solar systems that had been creatively made – some even lit up! The children presented their findings with great confidence. Well done Tuatara!

Earlier this term we were invited to the college to explore the ‘Ancients Alive’ museum. As we walked around, we listened to a selection of around 40 Ancient people who came alive and spoke about themselves. We had to find and push the activate button in order to hear them. We had a great time learning lots of new and interesting facts.

The Primary School have had a wonderful time celebrating different foods from around the world. We held two shared morning tea and lunch days promoting Global Foods, that is, foods from our country of identity. Year 5 worked hard during Global Perspectives lessons, conducting research and creating posters about their country. Then they presented their information to the rest of the school. Some children even came to school wearing a costume that is identifiable as something from their country. We all had a lovely time trying new and exciting foods. Lots of interesting questions were asked and lots of fun was had!!

As we come towards the final week of the term, I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Term 3 Fun

Tuatara Class have been incredibly busy this term. Please see all of the fun things we have been learning below:

Here we are learning Origami in Art.

In Maths we have been learning about ratios. We explored this by mixing different ratios of paints. This was a very fun Maths lesson!

We also went on a fantastic school trip to Auckland Museum, where we listened to some Myths and Legends. A particular highlight, when exploring the Museum, was the earthquake room.

In Computer Science, we have been making lots of noise whilst learning to create our own music. Our finished products sounded great!!

We even had a lovely visit from some college students. This was a fabulous session, where the college students read their stories to us, and we shared our own publishing with them.

This term we also completed our school cross country. I was very impressed with all of our students!

A special congratulations goes to Amy, Konstantin and Aston, who represented Wentworth Primary School at Interschool cross country. Well done Amy for placing 8th in the year 5 girls races.

We really have been busy so far this term!!

End of Term 2

Wow, what a fun-packed few weeks we have had.

Thank you to those who were able to watch our fantastic Music Festival. The class had a wonderful time, and did incredibly well indeed.


This week we have been looking at road maps. We have been estimating and measuring length, using metre sticks and rulers. We have also been converting measurements. The class have really enjoyed working in pairs to complete their tasks.


Our Science topic is Evaporation and Condensation. The children have been investigating this, using ice and warm water. They made careful observations in their investigations.

Vector Visit

This week, we enjoyed learning all about how to stay safe around electricity.
Watt (the friendly robot on the screen below) demonstrated what not to do, and we discussed how we can stay safe. The children asked some interesting questions, and listened very carefully to important information regarding electricity. Each child was given a stay safe booklet, which includes a home safety inspection. Our visitor from vector was impressed with our fabulous knowledge and interest.

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