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Ruru – Year 2 blog

The Final Frontier!

Wow, what a performance!

All the hard work paid off when we performed our sold out, once-in-a-lifetime show in front of the Gulf Harbour Preschool, the Wentworth Primary and College students, and our parents and whanau.

We could not stop talking about it the day after and all feel so proud of learning the songs, lines and actions that we needed to. Year 2, you really were STARS!!


Pumpkin Soup Day!

We recently read a book about growing pumpkins and making pumpkin soup and decided to make our own! It was a great success and EVERYONE liked it!* What a great way to get some veggies into us and keep warm on a cold day. We even saved some seeds to grow in the school veggie garden so we can do the same again next winter.

*Recipe below, as requested!


Mrs Clark’s Pumpkin Soup 

1 large crown pumpkin, cut and skinned

Sprinkle with Masterfoods Roast Vegetable Seasoning (or similar)

Roast in the oven until golden and soft

Put into crockpot

Add 3-4 rashers of chopped bacon, a chopped onion, 3Tbsp powdered chicken or vegetable stock and enough water to just cover.

Cook for 2-3 hours on high then mash or whizz to remove lumps.

add 250ml cream (or more to taste) and gently heat again



Leo’s recent trip to Taupo got us all talking about the “Hole in One” golf challenge there. Mr Clark says its about 110 metres.

How far is 110 metres? Is it as long as our whiteboard? Is it as long as our classroom?

We decided to find out how far 110 metres is. We figured out that we have a metre ruler in our classroom but soon realised that it would be too difficult to flip that over 110 times. So we got out our measurement wheel.



Intensive Swimming Lessons

Well, the first week of our intensive Swim School lessons have gone…swimmingly! Everyone has learnt a lot and had a lot of fun while doing it!

It has been great to see the Ruru Class continue their fabulous “give it a go” attitude. Although it has been a tiring week, we all agreed we are all looking forward to getting back in the water next week!


The Best Mathematicians in the World!

The Ruru Class have been trying SUPER HARD in Maths time! I have been absolutely amazed at how fast and brilliant their minds are!

They are learning to add REALLY big numbers and are sometimes faster than I am!

They are very proud of themselves…just look at these smart cookies!

Dad’s Day

Last Friday we celebrated some of the fantastic people we have in our lives.

It was really great to see the dads, grandads, and family members here to see what we do at school and to join in the fun.

Thank you to all our visitors, we had a fantastic day and we hope that you enjoyed your day at Wentworth Primary!


Our Science topic this term is Light and Dark and we have been looking at what causes Shadows.

We have already learned that a shadow is made when something blocks the light.

We had fun drawing around toy animals…

…and seeing the best way to make them stand so we got interesting shadows.

We found them pretty hard to draw around.

  And it was really hard to keep our bodies out of the light as we drew.

 It was such a nice way to spend a Science lesson!

Welcome to the Ruru Class Blog for 2019!

Hello, thanks for visiting our 2019 class blog!

We have voted to be the Year Two Ruru Class this year. The New Zealand Ruru, or Morepork are named for their distinctive call. In Maori legend Ruru are known as watchful guardians of the forest. Ruru/Morepork birds are beautiful (just like our Year 2s) and known for their fantastic listening abilities (fingers crossed!)
Thanks again for visiting!
We will be updating the blog regularly so make sure you come and look at all the fantastic things we are doing and making and learning in class this year.


We are learning how to measure things using a ruler. Can you see all the classroom items we have been measuring??

Data Handling

We have had a very busy start to Term 3!

In Maths, we have been learning about Data Handling.

Here are some photos of us collecting data, sorting it, and displaying our findings in a way that is easy for other people to understand.

Pumpkin Soup Weather!

During Week 5, we read a book about growing pumpkins and then we decided to make some pumpkin soup to eat at lunchtime.

We cut the pumpkin up,

Mrs Clark took it home and roasted it… then we put the soup all together in a slow cooker the next morning and cooked it until morning tea time.

It was YUM! It was interesting to see that the WHOLE CLASS enjoyed it and asked for seconds!


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