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Flax Weaving

May 21, 2018 | Katipo - Year 3 blog

The Year 3 students helped to teach the Year 5 and 6 students how to make Matariki stars out of harakeke (flax).
The Year 6 girls were shown how to cut the flax, ensuring they followed all the Maori protocols for cutting harakeke.

We are learning how to strip the harakeke to prepare it for weaving.

Mrs King showed the Year 6 girls how to begin the star.  It was very tricky, but some of us persevered and succeeded.

This is all of us completing the star with our Year 3 buddies helping.

We all managed to complete a star of some sorts!!
After we had finished weaving any pieces of harakeke we did not use had to be given back to Papatuanuku (our Earth Mother).
We also learnt we are to never step on or over the harakeke.

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