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Investigating Absorbency

Aug 9, 2018 | Katipo - Year 3 blog

We have been learning about different materials.  One of our investigations has been testing different types of paper to discover which was the most absorbent to the least.

First we made a prediction on ranking the papers from most absorbent to the least.  Next we discussed what a fair test is to help us set up our investigation.  After that we wrote up our method of how we were going to run our investigation, we ensured everything we did had to be the same for every piece of paper for it to be a fair test.

We then cut the pieces of paper all the same size, some of us found it challenging, but we all got there in the end.
This is us cutting our paper.

After we had cut our paper we got a beaker of coloured water.  Then we put each strip of paper touching the bottom for 2 minutes.  When we took the paper out of the water, we measured how far the water had risen up the strip of paper.
This is us testing the paper.

Most of our results were similar to each other.  We discovered our predictions were different to our results.
We learnt it is important to follow the method exactly as it is written or it is not a fair test.
Written by Alex, Charlee, Isabella, Ciaran, Ashlee, Olivia, Michael, Daniel, and Anna.


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