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Mini Camp

Apr 5, 2018 | Katipo - Year 3 blog

Whoever thought pitching tents, eating pikelets, and playing games in the sun could be so much fun!!  Egg throwing and catching was interesting especially when some people got egged.  Lastly we finished by having an Easter egg hunt.  It was really difficult as we had to find two halves of a laminated egg with the same pattern.  At times we had to negotiate with others that had the same pattern.

Nice and cosy!

Now you see us!

Now you don’t!

You can always do with a mans touch.

How many people can fit in a tent?

My face does say yum, really!!

Cream, cream and more cream.

Catch that egg!

I’ve just been egged

Evidence of getting egged, so funny

I finally found two halves that match.

Big decisions, what one to choose.


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