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Reptile Park Through the Eyes of a Year 3

Mar 19, 2018 | Katipo - Year 3 blog

The tuatara is unique to New Zealand. He felt cold to touch. It had spines on his back and has three eyes. By Olivia

Alligators have a very big jaw and have
extremely powerful tails. By Sophie

The baby turtles are so cute and small.
Some baby turtles necks are as long as
a Giraffes. By Sophie

Can you spot the green gecko? I can!
By Daniel

The spikes on the iguana is to make it look big and scary. By Daniel


These water dragons are sunbathing
to warm up as they are cold blooded.
By Alex

Imagine this guy lurking around in your
attic!! By Alex

A tortoise is a reptile and it is slow moving.
It has a hard shell on it’s back.. It is cold
blooded. By Anna

A tarantula is a mammal and it is furry.
It makes a web out of glass string.
By Anna

The tortoise has lots of scales on its short
legs. It’s tough shell has patterns like
people have finger prints to tell them apart
from each other. By Michael

This monkey is 40 years old. It lives
in a huge cage. His name is Harrison.
By Michael

The tortoises are very slow and bumpy. They can live for a long time and grow till they are gigantic. When I touched the turtles
shell it felt rough. By Isabella

Alligators are long and brave. They have
prickly looking bumps on their backs.
This one was very fat and can lay eggs.
By Ashlee

This skink was sunbathing to warm up.
They are cold blooded so need the sun
to get warm. By Ashlee.

The tortoise is very slow and the shell
is so rough to touch.
By Charlee

Look at the bumpy and dry scales on the
water dragon. By Charlee

The alligator has long teeth.
By Khushboo

I touched the tortoise. The tortoise shell
is like his bones.
By Khushboo

Lucky there were signs to tell us which
way to go. By Ciaran

This turtle can swim in deep waters and walk on land. It has a very long neck. By Ciaran.

The bearded dragon felt soft and warm to touch. He can climb trees very well. By Olivia

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