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Welcome to Korimako Class 2018

Feb 9, 2018 | Katipo - Year 3 blog

Welcome to Korimako Class of 2018.

Korimako is the Maori name for the Bellbird.  We decided to call ourselves Korimako because we think we are cheerful and tuneful class, just like the Bellbird.

Wentworth Year 3 Class

We have a friend with no name.  We have looked at it characteristics to suggest names for it.  Another problem we have we do not know it’s gender.  We have discovered some interesting things about the bird.  It decided to peck the sapphire from Mrs King’s ring.
Have a look at all our ideas to help us decide a name.

I think the bird is soft, crazy and cheeky.
It is a fussy eater. I think we should call it,
Gemstone if it is a girl Mischief for a boy.

I think the bird is cheeky, a thief. It loves climbing.
When it goes on my hand it feels weird.
I think we should call it Lenny.

I think the bird is naughty, jewelry thief, cheeky, funny and clever.
It is a messy eater and fussy eater. It is very colourful.
I think it should be called Polly.

I think the bird is cute, nice, and clever. It is
cheeky. It has a grip that feels spiky when
you hold it. I think we should name it Jeff.

The bird is very pretty, cheeky and a very big trickster.
It is a jewelry thief. It has sharp claws.
If it is a boy we should call it Fruit or a girl Watermelon.

I like the bird because it is clever and it is

The bird is smart, naughty, cheeky and funny.
It has sapphire blue on it’s tail with sparkly eyes.
It looks like a lemon. I think we should name
it Sapphire.

The bird is soft, funny and cheeky. It is colourful with big eyes.
We should name it Nesha.

The bird is a jewel thief and very cheeky.
We should call it Mr Poop.

I think the bird is cheeky and naughty. It’s feet are soft. It likes to peck sparkly things. If it’s a boy it should be called Pluto or a girl Peck.

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