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Waitangi Day – The Hihi and Ruru Class Treaty

Feb 5, 2019 | Kiwi – Year 1 Blog

Today we discussed Waitangi Day.

The Hihi class acted out the role of the tangata whenua (Maori) of New Zealand, whilst our Ruru friends were the British settlers.

We explored the need to create a Treaty to ensure that we are all protected by fair rules, which we all created and agreed upon – see below………

Article One:
Be kind to each other.

Article Two:
Share traditions.

Article Three:
Look after our environment.

We then signed the treaty to demonstrate our commitment to upholding each of the ‘Three Articles’ in our Te Tiriti o Wentworth (The Treaty of Wentworth).

The Maori and British friends agreeing to share traditions.

Signing the Treaty!

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