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Frogs and Toads

Feb 25, 2019 | Moa - Year 6 blog

No, not bring a reptile to school day – but mathematical problem-solving in the Parera Class!

Objective: Make the frogs and toads swap places.
Move all the green frogs so they swap places with all the brown toads.
Use the fewest number of moves possible.

• Only one frog or toad may sit on a lilypad at any time
• Only one frog or toad may move at a time
• A frog or toad can only move in one direction, towards the end it is going to. No backwards moves!
• A frog or toad may move in only two ways;
o Slide onto an empty lilypad next to the one it is currently sitting on
o Jump onto an empty lilypad over one different kind of creature;
A frog can jump over one toad, a toad can jump over one frog.

We have some smart thinkers in Parera Class – we managed to solve this problem with 5 frogs and 5 toads!

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