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Kelly Tarlton’s Trip

Jun 9, 2020 | Wētā - Year 4 blog

Kelly Tarlton’s Trip

We had a great time at Kelly Tarltons today, seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful sea creatures. We are the first students to visit since lockdown. No wonder the sharks were happy to see us!

“Hey, that penguin is wearing a blazer too!!”

Jelly-ous of those colours in the background

It’s a turtle. Shell we get more excited? Nah.

She would love to get that piece of plankton out of his teeth if only she could reach.

No wonder this machine has a turtle on it. It’s so slow!!

Did you use bait-flavoured shampoo? Because I didn’t?

I either touched a starfish or someone left their fingers in the tank.

The eel: “please let her put her fingers in the tank…please let her put her fingers in the tank…”

Beluga whale and boy.

Beluga whale and two buddies.

“Mr Wesbonk never said we COULDN’T use transportation to look around the exhibits”.

Ice Berg-ers for lunch.


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