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Wētā – Year 4 blog

Term 4: Athletics Day, Speeches and Science

Athletics Day

Beautiful weather and belly-loads of enthusiasm. Athletics Day 2020, was great.

The ponytail acts as a propeller

The boys maintain the lead by…violently sucking in more oxygen?

Fasten your seatbelts, it could be a rocky landing!

Kicking the bar out of the way could work!

Looks like it’s going to be a smooth landing. Thanks for flying with us.

The old “holding an imaginary rugby ball” provides extra motivation.

Knocked backwards by a powerful explosion?

Grabbing a fistful of air for extra lift

Holding an invisible flying fox seems to work for her

Someone needs to insert a skateboard to complete how cool she looks!

HELP! The parachute didn’t open!!

Sponging the neck. He’s all about hygiene.

Listen closely to the shotput. Is is ready to be thrown? What are its hopes and dreams?


We all enjoyed listening to each student’s speech.


We’ve been exploring electricity and how circuits work.

Cross Country and Production Term 3

Cross Country

A great day for it! Happy smiles were replaced by red, determined faces, and then happy smiles returned again when the ice blocks were handed out.


The performance of our school production “Ye-Ha” was wonderful. Plenty to keep the eyes and ears entertained: bright costumes, expressive faces, witty lines, and funny pratfalls.

Term 3 Various

Here’s a few things we’ve been up to lately:


For science, we have been continuing to explore how sounds works, including how it uses vibrations. Paper cup and string phones are a practical, and fun, way to demonstrate this.

“She said, what?? Give me all the juicy details!”

“I’m sorry, you’ve called outside of business hours. Please leave a message and we’ll get back to you shortly”.


We have also been studying the human skeleton.

Micro-surgery on the lower leg bones

“Sshh, it’s dice in their natural habitat. Isn’t nature amazing?”


For Reading, we recently completed “Literacy Circles”, where groups shared the same novel and had different roles, week-to-week.

Must be serious discussion, based on those expressions

Can you guess who’s crowned himself king of the group?

Have they noticed the rolled up tube and its projectile, creeping on from the right?


For P.E. we have been learning hockey skills.

“Do we wait for the ball to come to us, or should somebody get it?”

He adamantly tells the ball that if it doesn’t behave and go in the direction he wants, it will get a paddle.


With Mrs Poppe, the students recently completed their “Teddy in my Window” music video. It ended up winning “Best Original Story” in the competition!

Lately, the student have been learning to play notes on various instruments.

She trained her to carry that bear, herself.

Ready, Teddy, Smile.

“When do I get to be a Rockstar and live the self-indulgent life?”

It’s all in the cock of the head

Doesn’t even need to look

Book Character Day!

Book Character Day

To top off our English Week, we had Book Character Day on the Friday. It was great to see all the eye-popping colours, costumes and creativity. Who knew that there were at least 100 different books in the world??


Science, Maths and Art!


We have been learning to identify lines of symmetry, and using mirrors to confirm our answers. We also used the mirrors to identify lines of symmetry in our face: there’s always a pesky freckle or two that spoil perfect symmetry though!


Sometimes you have to risk a lot of mess, and get out the paints!


What’s attracting our attention at the moment? Magnets!

Kelly Tarlton’s Trip

Kelly Tarlton’s Trip

We had a great time at Kelly Tarltons today, seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful sea creatures. We are the first students to visit since lockdown. No wonder the sharks were happy to see us!

“Hey, that penguin is wearing a blazer too!!”

Jelly-ous of those colours in the background

It’s a turtle. Shell we get more excited? Nah.

She would love to get that piece of plankton out of his teeth if only she could reach.

No wonder this machine has a turtle on it. It’s so slow!!

Did you use bait-flavoured shampoo? Because I didn’t?

I either touched a starfish or someone left their fingers in the tank.

The eel: “please let her put her fingers in the tank…please let her put her fingers in the tank…”

Beluga whale and boy.

Beluga whale and two buddies.

“Mr Wesbonk never said we COULDN’T use transportation to look around the exhibits”.

Ice Berg-ers for lunch.


Term 1: Weeks 4 – 7

Beach Day

Not the sort of look that assures you that he will spare civilians

Cupcake envy

In reality, she’s not actually that short.

“Has anyone seen my eyeball??”

Not the first piece of seaweed I’ve seen, but he wasn’t to know.

Chess Lesson

“Did we win? We stole the most pieces from other boards?”

Sometimes it’s fun to torment your prisoners while you’re waiting for the other person to finish their turn.

Queen of the King

Rodin’s “The Thinker”

Needs to work on her poker face

A cool and calm explanation of how she’s going to slaughter her opponent.

Term 1, Weeks 1 – 3

Hi Parents,

It’s been a great start to the 2020 school year.

Class Mascot

In Art, we have been learning to design characters. The students drew their own creations for our Wētā character and then shared with us why they chose certain design features. We narrowed it down to 6 or 7 different student’s designs and chose our favourite features to combine into one character.

The result: Wilbur the Wētā He should be a key character in some of the narratives we write this term. You’ll be forgiven for still finding weta’s a little creepy. Wilbur knows it…he just doesn’t care!

Wilbur the Wētā

The Members of Wētā Class



We’ve been learning to use efficient strategies for adding and subtracting such as “friends to ten”, “doubles”, “counting up” and “subtracting in parts”.

Nothing like the smell of freshly bought flash cards

“Is it time for PE yet?”

Term 4: Athletics Day

Athletics Day

Discus or Dislocated arm?

Adopting a Zen like pose for greater spiritual lift.

The Green Machine, here to save the day.

Releasing 5 weeks of pent-up energy in one jump

Not sure if his use of a grapefruit will go unnoticed.

I hope the drag created by that hat didn’t slow her down too much.

Mrs King is in suspense wondering if they will ever achieve lift-off.

Considering all the factors such as wind direction and air humidity before making his throw.

We may have to apologise to the owner of a low-flying aircraft.

Add an inspirational quote and here’s a pose for a sport-drink commercial.

The girls learn there is only one ice-block left.

The honey sandwich for morning tea is making it hard to get rid of the discus.

Using sorcery to control her discus.

I blacked out soon after this photo of the discus throw.

Barely had I recovered before I was clocked again by this throw.


We’ve got our still-life Art on display in the classroom. Still-life could only describe the art of the students, not them personally!


Term 4: Weeks 1 – 3

Halloween Mufti Day

The Reaper and the Reptile

Say Hell-o, girls.

Is that a broom, or a really hairy belly button?

Ah, some sweet relief from the dastardly!

This Count was wishing there was a sunblock with SPF 10,000

A chilling twist on traditional Chinese costume.

The most terrifying Halloween costume of them all: a bucket that consumes a head whole!

Even the undead just want a good wifi signal


For science we have been looking at electrical circuits. We’ve made some interesting discoveries in regards to how parallel or series circuits affect a light bulb’s brightness.

Term 3: Weeks 7 – 10

School Production: The Final Frontier

After all those hours of practice, it was time to enjoy the performance:

Everyone: “What do you mean I can’t use my script anymore!!?”

Calling them little pop stars would be too easy

A whole world has opened up with those three extra eyes

Clearly polishing off the word “On” before moving on to “Jupiter”



The planets, not ashamed to be filled with gas.

After hours of makeup and prosthetics to become “Human Child 2”

the Martian Mafia?


Global Food Day

In Week 7, the Years 4 – 6 shared food from different cultures, and dressed in costumes representing different countries that they identified with.



Term 3: Weeks 4 – 6

Hi parents,

Here’s some photos from some of the special events we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Maths Day

He might have the answer sheet, but this Dad has a body slam that will prevent him from being able to submit it.

Using the paper folds on the answer sheet to help gain more thrust.

Dad did an impressive full-flip on the mat, and also did this with the hoola-hoop. Guess which one I got a photo of.


Our students were not showing the signs of exhaustion we would have hoped for by this stage.

Descends from the sky like no mere mortal.

The amazing invisible booster seat.


Daffodil Day

Cute foreground, rubbish background (not our lovely students, the actual rubbish)

Slept in, and forgot to get dressed. Fortunately, they picked the right day to do it.

Looking like something filled with sugar has just entered his bloodstream.

Owning the room.

This student seems nonchalant about the mythical creature at her shoulder.


Cross Country

We had both shivering and sweating over our time out there.

Getting the hang of this running thing.







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