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Term 4: Athletics Day

Nov 20, 2019 | Wētā - Year 4 blog

Athletics Day

Discus or Dislocated arm?

Adopting a Zen like pose for greater spiritual lift.

The Green Machine, here to save the day.

Releasing 5 weeks of pent-up energy in one jump

Not sure if his use of a grapefruit will go unnoticed.

I hope the drag created by that hat didn’t slow her down too much.

Mrs King is in suspense wondering if they will ever achieve lift-off.

Considering all the factors such as wind direction and air humidity before making his throw.

We may have to apologise to the owner of a low-flying aircraft.

Add an inspirational quote and here’s a pose for a sport-drink commercial.

The girls learn there is only one ice-block left.

The honey sandwich for morning tea is making it hard to get rid of the discus.

Using sorcery to control her discus.

I blacked out soon after this photo of the discus throw.

Barely had I recovered before I was clocked again by this throw.


We’ve got our still-life Art on display in the classroom. Still-life could only describe the art of the students, not them personally!


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