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Takahe – Year 1 blog

Welcome to the Takahe Class!

Welcome to the Takahe Class blog!

Takahē | The Plight of the Takahē. Takahē (Porphyrio hochstetteri), a flightless bird found only in New Zealand | Birds, Animals, Flightless bird

The Takahe is a very special native New Zealand bird.  Our children think that a Takahe looks very similar to a Pukeko……but we all agree that it is definitely BIGGER!  

I wonder what similarities the Takahe has with the amazing students in our classroom

Takahe are clever – that is exactly the same as our Year 1 students!  They are loyal companions and make life-long partnerships – that sounds a lot like the kind and friendly children in our classroom, too.  The Takahe have vibrant turquoise, deep blue, and green feathers and their red beaks look stunning – we are super cute as well!

I certainly think that we have chosen the right bird to represent us!

Let’s meet the amazing students in our Takahe Class!



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