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Kiwi – Year 1 Blog

Collaborative Learning!

We had a new teacher in our Kiwi Class today. 

Our new teacher (a lovely member of our Kiwi class) brought in the most interesting news and discussed perspective and different viewpoints of objects, such as a cup.

We then drew three different views of the cup!


Grow! Protect! Taste!

The new mantra in our Kiwi class is……

Grow, Protect and Taste vegetables.

Our Kiwi Class have become members of a special club called the Little Garden League.  This is an initiative designed to encourage children to enjoy vegetables and develop an understanding of how plants grow.  This is perfect timing given our next Science topic is actually called ‘Growing Plants’!

Have a look at the fun we had today.


Father’s Day!

Father’s Day provided our Kiwi Class with the opportunity to remind their dad’s of how loved and appreciated they are!

The Kiwi Class were extremely excited about making cards for dad and they couldn’t wait to take them home.

I hope that all of our fathers and cherished father figures, enjoyed a Sunday of relaxation and pampering.

Happy Father’s Day!

Book Character Day

What a wonderful way to end not only English Week, but also Term 2!

Book Character Day was a wonderful opportunity for us to share our favourite stories and characters with our friends.  At times it felt like Wentworth Primary was actually Hogwarts as there were many Hermione and Harry Potter students out and about!.

The Kiwi Class was very fortunate to have our Year 7 friends visit us to share stories and also our Year 6 buddies came to listen to us read.

A wonderful end to an unusual but busy and FUN term!  Have a look at our amazing character costumes!


Sew……….a needle pulling thread!

Sewing – what an absolutely wonderful skill for children to learn!

A Kiwi class friend gave us all a challenge this week!  Could we sew a button onto some material using a REAL needle?

Well………we rose to the challenge………we used our excellent fine motor skills and our sharp eyesight (to thread the needle) to achieve our goal!

Have a look at our results!*

*A Kiwi class friend left early (to celebrate a special birthday) so we did not manage to get a photo of their wonderful sewing – they have taken it home though!

One fish, two fish, red fish, STARFISH!

On Tuesday we were the luckiest class in the land because our school was allowed to go to Kelly Tarlton’s


we had the entire aquarium to OURSELVES!

We certainly made the most of it!  We saw sea horses, touched starfish and we even made our own colourful fish ‘come to life’ on screen!

It was a wonderful day and it felt lovely to be able to go out and about again as it was the first day of Covid Alert Level 1.

Thank you to all of our parents for your excellent support.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Introducing ME!

Our wonderful Kiwi class are learning to introduce themselves in Maori.  We are learning a Pepeha to share a little information about who we are and the connection we feel to our local area.  We have even painted and drawn our sea, mountain and self-portrait to accompany our pepeha.

We are looking forward to showing you the finished artwork!

Our Kiwi class can say the following in Te Reo Maori:-

Kia Ora.

Ko (their name) toku ingoa.  My name is ………….

Ko (insert the name of their mountain) toku maunga.  My mountain is ……..

Ko (insert the name of their favourite beach/sea) toku moana.  My sea (body of water) is…………

Ko Wentworth Primary toku kura.  My school is Wentworth Primary.

Mr Wesbonk Wants to……help us with Art

Our creative Year 4 teacher, Mr Wesbonk, inspired us to attempt to draw a character in Art on Friday.

Firstly we watched Mr Wesbonk Wants To…..and then we followed Mr Wesbonk’s tips and hints to create our very own characters.  The finished drawings were fantastic!

We can’t wait to take them home to see if we can make our household appliances come alive – just like Mr Wesbonk did in his video!

Year 1 Wants To………say thank you, Mr Wesbonk!

Feel free to click on the link and follow Mr Wesbonk’s tips to recreate these fun artworks at home.

Distance Learning!

Covid-19 has taken a lot away from us but it has also presented us with new opportunities.

Distance Learning, for example, was something that I had experienced as a University student but I had NEVER considered Distance Teaching.

On Wednesday March 25th 2020, Distance Learning began for our Kiwi Class.  With the wonderful support of their parent’s, the Kiwi class have experienced learning from home.

I have been sent photos of wonderful diary entries, science investigations, stunning handwriting, lovely art and best of all………SMILING FACES!  Seeing your excited, engaged and proud faces via the internet has been a highlight of Lockdown for me!

Thank you to our parents for your incredible support, trust and delivery of our Year 1 learning.  I am so grateful to be a part of your learning community.  Thank you!

Thank you also to our Kiwi class students!  You have adapted beautifully to this new style of learning.  I have loved our Zoom catch ups and will fondly remember our dress-up day!

Have a look at just a few of the photos that I will always treasure.



Pepper, Pepper, Pepper……..Capsicum?

We have had the most interesting Shared News items lately and today’s example was not only interesting but tasty too!

Thank you for bringing in your home grown green pepper/capsicum!  We loved cutting it up and looking at the seeds……BUT……..the best bit was when we got to EAT it!


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