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Wentworth College Music Festival

Jun 17, 2019 | College Arts News, College News, Music

The 2019 Wentworth Music Festival was a great success last week.   It was wonderful to see that all the Years 7 – 9 students were involved in class bands.  From ukuleles to recorders, keyboards, violins, bongos and congas, every student performed confidently as part of their group.

Our soloists ranged from string players to pianists, drummers and saxophone players, as well as the beautiful voices of our singers.  Between them they covered a wide range of genres from modern Popular Music to Jazz and Classical styles.

One main feature of our Music festivals is our Orchestra, which opened both evenings with an original arrangement and a cover of ‘A Million Dreams’ from the Greatest Showman.

A unique feature this year was the showcasing of songs from our forthcoming school Musical ‘Journey Through the Heart of the Library’ which were sung by the soloists who will perform on stage next term.  A special mention to the song ‘Stabby Stabby’ which had the audience joining in!

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