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Students create a giant human periodic table

Jun 14, 2019 | College News

Wentworth Students created a giant human periodic table this week to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first variant of the periodic table being produced.  It was just one of the many activities that took place during Science Week at the College.

In the Education Perfect Science World Championships, Wentworth College students collectively answered over 100,000 questions, placing us 10th of all schools in New Zealand and around 30th globally – a phenomenal effort for such a small school.

Congratulations to Jack Austin and Brendan MacLeod for attaining the Emerald Award for clocking up over 5000 points.  Gold Awards were attained by Ella Young, Amy Carstairs, Luis Vallejo-Mohl, Emma Gilpin, Joy Renolds, Paul Berns and Alexis Besson-Mackain.  Blake Wood claimed a Silver, and a further 19 students gained a Bronze or Credit award.

Wentworth College creates a human periodic table

Human Periodic Table


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