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2019 FINDLAY HOUSE REPORT (Report coming soon)

House Leaders: Jemma Langman & William Titchener


House Leaders: Alex Wood & Harper Johnston

Findlay House had a strong start to the year by winning the Orientation Cup (for the fourth year in a row!) and following up by achieving first place in the Inter-House Swimming Sports in February. These two wins were a great morale booster for our House.

We are also really proud of the way that Findlay students performed in the inter-House competitions throughout the year, winning both Unihockey and Basketball, and coming a close second in the others. With the greatest number of participants in both the inter-House debates and the Reading Challenge, Findlay showed that we are successful across the board, by winning both sporting and academic competitions.

2018 was a really successful year for Findlay House with its high member participation, and we cannot wait to see what 2019 brings!


House Leaders: Thomas Langman & Jordan Kelly

2017 was the year of triumph for Findlay House. Strength and determination were key factors. The cohesion between all members led to compelling victories in nearly all inter-House competitions. Mr Harris and Mr Thomson assisted our victory by encouraging Findlay’s progress and helping us with the organisation of events. The determination and tenacity that was displayed by Findlay students was not based on individual skills but on teamwork, which made it an honour to be leading them.

For the third year in a row, we won the Orientation Cup, which gave us a head start to the year. Using this impetus, we continued to ascend the ladder of victory by winning both the Cross Country and Athletics days, which were two of the main events of the year.

It could not have been a more enjoyable or successful year. Here we come 2018!

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