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2019 MCDONALD HOUSE (report coming soon)

House Leaders: Jackson White & Mia Boot


House Leaders: Anna Nelson & Lyall Shannon

McDonald House had a great year with everyone getting involved on sports days and with the inter-House activities. We were very pleased to win the 2018 Mathex competition, as well as a large number of lunchtime sports events.

We were privileged to work with our McDonald team and thank everyone for being so enthusiastic and always getting involved during the House competitions.


House Leaders: Nadija Rowley & Conor Donovan

For inter-House sports competitions, both House Leaders, Nadija and Conor, took responsibility for assembling teams in each year level to represent McDonald in the battle for the House Cup. They both also competed in individual events in the hope of encouraging others to follow suit and thus win a significant number of points.

Nadija says “It was great to see such a large number of students participating in events, even when they thought their skill level wasn’t at a high enough standard to compete.” No matter what the background of the student, whether it was sporting or non-sporting, McDonald House students were always willing to give it a go and do it to the best of their ability.

Conor also kept his focus on the participation of as many students as possible in all events. He says that his time as a House Leader taught him to always lead by example, with a positive mind-set, and let the talking take place on the field.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers in the McDonald House; your efforts did not go unnoticed.

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