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Term 3, Weeks 1 – 3 Highlights

Aug 12, 2018 | Wētā - Year 4 blog

Hi parents,

Here’s some highlights from the term thus far…

New Students

At the start of Term 3, we had two young men join us: Konstantin and Ollie. Three weeks in, they’re part of the team, and it’s easy to forget that they’re new.

Konstantin and Ollie. Both always early for school because they don’t have to
waste time styling their hair.



Early this term we finished our self portraits. They are hanging in the school hallway for you to check out, next time you are in.

Oscar in the early stages of a skin-graft


Daniel animated in more ways than one.



For topic, we’re taking a look at history. We’ll begin to focus on the 1920’s: the period of our upcoming school production.

Matching his place on the timeline, Tiger adopts the pose of a reclining Roman emperor



We’ve been focusing on the properties and behaviour of magnets.

Ollie finds his bones and sinews are no match for magnetic force.


Konstantin gets a trail of magnets going


Harper made this himself at home: a magnetic contraption that causes two coins to stand upright.


Oscar uses magnets to become a hipster. Now he just needs skinny jeans.



We’ve been learning to participate in “Literacy Circles”. The students are in groups of 5, with each group reading the same novel. They have different roles to fulfil, such as “Discussion Director”, “Passage Picker”, “Word Master” etc. Every 3 days they have a discussion day where they discuss and share what they have prepared.

Claire ponders the far-reaching implications of Poppy’s statement. Or, she just wishes it was
her turn. Can’t remember which.


The boys are turning pages. An important skill to master when you are reading.


Ethan seems to literally have his nose in a book.


Luke and Dylan with their best “show me how much you love learning” faces


Cross Country

On Friday 10th August, we had our annual cross country event. An all around good effort and attitude from the Year 4’s. No tears, just flushed faces!

The Sienna-strut


The Aston-Martin, firing on all cylinders


The Jack-Be-Nimble, Jack-Be-Quick

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