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Term 3, Weeks 4 – 7 Highlights.

Sep 14, 2018 | Wētā - Year 4 blog

Hi parents,

Now that we’re nearly at the end of Term 3, let me share with you a few highlights:


We finished up our investigations of magnets, by making our own compasses from corks and needles. We can now attest that we’re going North when we exit through the classroom door!

Daniel now knows where North is, and is ready to go question Santa about a gift he never received.


These guys are giddy with excitement at their discoveries. Or corks in water looking like floating poops. Probably the latter.

Lately, we’ve been looking at the human skeleton. Below you’ll see photos of us comparing the measurements of our major bones.

“My vertebrae are more impressive than yours”


Dr Chen, prepares his patient for a lobotomy


Dylan, looking like he has all the makings of an excellent tailor.



Recently, we’ve had a focus on geometry: naming, drawing, and constructing three dimensional shapes.

Aston and Harper show that it’s not just girls that are known for their delicate craftsmanship.


Tiger juggles two cubes. Coming up: he swallows three tetrahedrons that are on fire.

Computational Thinking

The student’s have learnt a significant amount of computer skills this term, including how to use email, and how to use the Google suite (Google docs, Google Slides etc) to produce work.

Jack checks the status of his financial stocks, and decides whether to invest in bitcoin.



Persuasive Writing and Speeches

We’ve had a focus this term on learning the features of effective persuasive writing and speaking. We’ve recently been practicing our oral language skills by sharing a page from a novel. We’re now in the process of writing our own speeches.

Konstantin decides that having to hold the book is for sissies


Grandpa Rensen enthralls us all with tales from long ago.



We’ve added another illustrated narrative to our storybooks this term.

Dylan’s latest is a war between robots and humans.


Luke’s latest is the story of a war between flies and spiders.
War! – what is it good for? Stories, if nothing else.



In Art, we’ve had a focus on learning to draw and colour landscapes.

Poppy finishes giving her tree a “perm”.


Chelsea’s left hand takes a holiday, while her right hand is busy at work.


Production Rehearsal

As you would have heard, we have our major production coming up at the end of term. We’ve been busy learning and rehearsing all the songs and dances

At Wentworth we pride ourselves on students being able to know where their knees and ears are.



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