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Term 4 Highlights

Dec 2, 2018 | Wētā - Year 4 blog

Hi Parents,

Well, just like that, the year is nearly at an end. It’s been a privilege teaching the students of class Korora, and I’m glad I’ll be seeing most of them around next year.

Here’s a couple of highlights from the last few weeks…


The students have produced some really nice pieces of work this term. There was landscapes in the first few weeks, and lately we’ve been drawing and painting still-lifes.

the colour of Sienna’s roof is, well, sienna of course!


Ethan’s philosophy of art is to curve the spine in harmony with the curves of his lines.


Tiger’s controversial technique is to drink the paint-water, so as to be at one with the art.

Class Plays

When you’re a woman of mature years, you need to use the jaw for extra grip.


Oscar is part of an expedition, along with his robot Thomas, to explore a planet inhabited by aliens (Claire and Jack)


Aston wishing he’d brought a gun to this fight.


Chelsea unfortunately underestimates the distance needed for a stage dive.



We had a great lesson, led by Jenna Gainford.

Thomas wonders why he’s heard adults swearing when playing golf…it’s not that hard?


Golf is a lot more motivating when aiming for human targets.



This term we’ve covered the physics of sound.

Daniel conducts his teams rendition of “it sort of sounds like a song”


Experimenting with glass and water out on the grass means that the crickets provide a backing choir


Luke uses a string telephone to share a piece of juicy gossip with Konstantin


While Claire is testing a paper banger, Chelsea perfects her runway pose.



In Week 5, we had our annual Athletics Day.

Ethan’s shadow has already cleared the jump, so you know he’s going to be fine.


Not casting spells, but practicing shotput.



Oral Language

There’s been lots of opportunities for strengthening oral language skills this term: persuasive speeches, news sharing, and sharing presentations for topic.

Harper shares a speech on Lego, ensuring that you’ll be pestered for expensive kits for Christmas.


Ollie sharing on the topic of skateboarding


Poppy using eye-contact to make sure that her audience are as riveted as she expects them to be.


Sienna shares some medals. Chelsea wants one



In Week 7 we had our sailing day with Volvo, Learn to Sail. We’re grateful to have gotten such good conditions in a week that wasn’t always pleasant!

Daniel and Tiger looking as smooth as the water.


Luke and Oscar find that sailing is pretty cruisy when you remove the ocean.


Jack looks for unchartered land


Daniel and Tiger see if they can get any fish nibbling on their scalp.


Claire shows no-hands. Poppy resists shaking the boat.


Ollie overboard!



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