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Basketball Update – 22 June

Wentworth Lions
The Lions played the Kingsway Legends who only had three people so borrowed players from other teams.The Lions lost but it was a very tight game and the team were always one point behind. No reserves meant that the Lions had to work very hard but they all got too tired and ended up falling further behind right at the end.
Blake Nelson

Wentworth Gators
The Gators played the Orewa College Jordans and this game was the toughest the team has played this term. The Gators lost 35-15 after a disappointing first half although they managed to keep the game much tighter in the second half. The team played well considering they only had the minimum of five players as the others were sick or injured. Next time the Gators play this team, the score will be a lot closer.
Matthew Rist

Wentworth Bears
The Bears had a great win this week against Kingsway, winning 30 – 0.  There was some great interplay between the 5 Wentworth players, passing the ball more effectively this week and making a number of their shots.  The team did a great job on defence to keep the opponents scoreless, and they communicated well as a team to mark players closely.  Well done. 

Basketball Update – 28 June

Wentworth Lions and Gators

The Wentworth Lions played the Wentworth Gators on Monday.  While the Lions lost, it was a really close game. We all expected to have a really tough game so we played really hard in the first half and stopped them from scoring many points, however in the second half we got too tired and the Gators just ended up being a bit too good.  The final score was 16-2.

Blake Nelson

Basketball Update – 8 August

Wentworth Lions
Draw 19:19 Kingsway Legends

Wentworth Lions drew with the Kingsway Legends 19-all. The Kingsway team had older players and were much taller, but at times we out-skilled them and managed to have some very skillful play. We had a very close lead for most of the game but started to rush too much and Kingsway managed to get a few baskets and the game ended as a tie.

Blake Nelson

Basketball Update – 21 August

Wentworth Gators vs Wentworth Lions:  36-11

Today the Wentworth Lions played the Wentworth Gators.  We lost 36-11 but was still a good game. When we started to pass and work as a team, we had some great play and managed to gain a few points and stop some goals with some good defence. However, the Gators just had too much skill and were the better team on the day.

Blake Nelson

Basketball Update – 22 August

Wentworth Lions

Win 27-19 against Whangaparaoa Underrated
The Wentworth Lions played the Whangaparaoa Underrated team this week and won 27-19. We played well and should have won by a bigger margin but we had no structure. The other team were all very small so we managed to get past them but they still had good skills. It was a fun game and was good to get a win.

Blake Nelson

Basketball Update – 18 June

Wentworth Lions
The Wentworth Lions played the Whangaparaoa College girls’ team on Monday, which were short on players and ended up being a mixed gender team. Wentworth won 21-11 and although Wentworth did get a bit too excited at times and played too quick, the team still came out with a solid win.

Wentworth Gators
The Wentworth Gators played the Kingsway Legends and came away with a 32-18 victory.  The Kingsway team were quite tall, which was a challenge for the team, however the Gators’ superior ball movement and structure broke down the Kingsway defence effectively.  It is great to see this team playing effective, controlled basketball to take yet another win this term.

Wentworth Tigers
The Tigers played Kingsway on Monday. Kingsway are a good team and won the game. Their defence was tight so all Wentworth could do was distract them by passing and hope that an opportunity would come up.

Wentworth Bears
The Bears had a good game and won by over 15 points. The team continues to develop their teamwork and cohesion. Well done, Bears!

Basketball Update – 13 September

On Monday, 3rd September, the Wentworth Lions played the Orewa College 1 team and won 15 to 8. We had a very good first half and some say it was our best game, but our second half didn’t quite meet expectations because we got tired and got a bit confident. The other team was mostly a bit smaller but still put up a decent fight.


The following week, on 10th September, we played Kingsway No Limits and won 38 to 16. We had a very good first half and got in the majority of the shots and blocked many from the other team, although in our second half we started to get a bit lazy and missed shots and rebounds. The other team were all quite small but still managed to have some good plays.


Blake Nelson (Year 10)

Basketball Update – 25 August

Wentworth Lions

Win 27-2 Kingsway Edge
The Wentworth Lions played Kingsway Edge and had a big win of 27 to 2. We had no subs so we did get tired, however the Kingsway team were a lot smaller which made it easier. We did get a bit over-confident at times and missed simple shots but we still came away with a good win.

Blake Nelson

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