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AIMS Games

AIMS Games

Congratulations to all the Wentworth students who participated with passion and sportsmanship at the AIMS Games in Tauranga last week.  This year, 11,555 students aged 11, 12 and 13 traveled to Tauranga from all across the country to participate across 23 different sporting activities.

Wentworth Students – Photo courtesy of Anchor NZ, sponsor of AIMS Games

Congratulations to Sam Wild and especially to Jack Hollands who finished in 3rd place in the O’pen Skiff yachting event. The fleet of 35 boats braved the cold conditions over three days, with a closely fought battle for second and third places being decided in the last leg of the last race. Jack won a Bronze medal.

The Year 8 Netball Team had a great experience at the AIMS Games, being placed in ‘C’ grade after a number of grading games. Whilst they did not gain a medal placing in their grade, this was a fantastic opportunity for our players to play against teams from all over New Zealand. Phoebe Andrew had a successful week as umpire and passed both her theory and practical assessments. Our special thanks to Chrissy Smith for coaching the team for the week, as well as Sue Andrew for all her help looking after the girls during the week. Well done to all our netballers on their efforts!

Congratulations to Mia Stanley-Hunt who competed in swimming events at the recent AIMs Games, achieving personal best times and placing amongst the top 15 competitors in all of her events.

Congratulations to Tina Lee who placed second in the 18 holes Under 13 Years Golf competition.

Wentworth Netball Success

Wentworth Netball Success

The netball teams of Wentworth College have got off to a good start this winter season. This year, the school is fielding a total of six netball teams, playing at North Harbour and the Hibiscus Coast.
Three teams are playing on a Saturday morning at North Harbour, under the coaching and management of Megan McKenzie and Mandy Houseman.
The first four weeks of play were grading games and Team 1 Blue won them all. Their best win was against Northcote 3 with a score of 42-19 and their toughest game was against Carmel 4, winning 33-26. After their impressive playing during grading, this team has moved up from playing in Grade 6 to Grade 4.
Team 2 Maroon has also done well in their grading games, winning three out of their four games. The team’s best win was against Waiheke 2 with a score of 27-4. This team will be playing in Grade 7.
Team 3 White has had a mixture of wins and losses during grading and the team’s performance has improved as the weeks have gone on. In the last game of grading, the team beat Northcote 6 with an impressive score of 20-6. This team will be playing in Grade 11. This team has already suffered a number of injuries early in the season and players from the Year 8 team, Sammi Ryan and Sion Jung, have stepped in to help out.
After a busy morning of netball on the North Shore, a mixed team of players are also playing at HBC Netball in the afternoon. This team has had a mixture of wins and losses so far this season.
The Year 8 team is playing on a Thursday evening at North Harbour, with Lyndal Kelly as coach and Dee Ryan as manager. This team has had a great start to the season, winning all its grading games. Their best performance was against Takapuna Normal Intermediate School, with a winning score of 20-6. After the great efforts during grading, the team was moved up into Grade 2. Phoebe Andrew has been umpiring their games.
The Year 7/8 team has been playing at HBC Netball on a Saturday morning, coached by Arwen Hulsbosch and Emma Gilpin, with Stacey Donovan as manager. Some of the players are new to netball and their skills are improving as the weeks progress. Capri Partridge has been umpiring the games.
Well done and thankyou to all the coaches, managers and umpires for the time they have put in to assist our teams, as well as the parents for their support each week on the side lines.
Wentworth netball players train with Northern Mystics team

Wentworth netball players train with Northern Mystics team

On Tuesday, the Year 9 netball players attended a Northern Mystics skills and drills session at Netball North Harbour, organised by Fuji Xerox. The event involved a number of other local schools and the girls were split into groups to work on their shooting, passing and catching skills. The girls got to meet four of the Northern Mystics team – Elisapeta Toeava, Emma Iversen, Tayla Earle and Erena Mikaera and it was an inspiring experience for the girls.

Netball Update – 22 June

Team 1 NNH – Win 31-19 Takapuna 4
Team 1 had a convincing win against Takapuna 4 on Saturday. Our defence worked well together to stop Takapuna scoring goals and out attack improved as the game progressed. The team has played two games since grading and are currently top of the table based on goal difference.
Caitlin Smith 

Team 2 HBC – Loss 20-33 Raiders
Although Team 2 lost this game to the Raiders, the team is making improvements in their play. The team is communicating well on court, spreading out more and making less risky passes. The team’s performance has improved as a whole since the last time they played the Raiders.
Orion Houseman


Year 8 – Win 22-10 Orewa 7/5
The Year 8 team had a great game on Saturday, beating Orewa 7/5 22-10. It was a fun game and Louis stepped in to play as the team were short on players.
Phoebe Andrew 

Year 7 – Loss 6-21 Northcross 7/5
It was a tough game last week for the Year 7 team as they were short of players due to sickness. The team were missing one of their key shooters which impacted on the number of goals they were able to score.
Bethany Smith



Netball Update – 28 June

Team 1 NNH
Loss 25-26 to Carmel College 8
Team 1 had a close game with Carmel College 8 last Saturday, losing by only one goal. It was a tough game and the team played their best.

Year 8
The team were boosted by a few players who agreed to step in at the last minute, as some were unable to play. A valiant effort was made by all in what proved to be a high pressured game. Unfortunately the physical height of the other team beat us on the day, but a good game was had by all.

Year 7
The Year 7 netballers continued their battle with sickness and had to call upon other students to make up a full team. Many thanks to Rosie Donovan and Stephanie Ye for once again stepping forward to help the team out!

The team played TNIS 7/3 last week and lost 23-13. The team did their best under the circumstances but needed to watch their passing as they kept losing the ball to the opposition.

This Thursday, the team played Carmel 7/2 and it was a close game. They lost 19-16 and there is still room for improvement in their passing.

Netball Update – 8 August

Team 1
NNH Loss 22-37 Kingsway 2

Round 1 of the Grade 6 Championships started on the 4th August and Team 1 played against Kingsway 2. It was a tough game for Wentworth against a more experienced team with fast passing skills. So far this season, the team has has experienced a mixture of wins and losses and every week they are making improvements in their playing.

Year 7
Loss 12-21 Northcross 7/6

The Year 7 team played Round 2 of the Grade 3 Flight competition against Northcross 7/6. The team had a difficult start to the game, trailing behind Northcross in the first quarter 7-0. Their play improved as the game progressed and their passing began to flow, enabling them to score more goals.

Netball Update – 21 August

Team 1 NNH
Win 50-21 Carmel College 8
Team 1 had a spectacular game on Saturday against Carmel College 8 and scored the highest number of goals so far this season. The team had previously played Carmel earlier in the season and lost against them by one goal, so this was an amazing result.  Well done girls!

Year 7
Win 30-13 Ponsonby Int 7/3
The Year 7 team played an amazing game on Thursday against Ponsonby Intermediate 7/3, scoring their highest score so far this season of 30 goals. The team’s performance is going from strength to strength, improving each week that they play.

Netball Update

Team 1 NNH
Win 27-22 Northcote 3
Team 1 had a great game. The players are working well as a team with fast passing, great shooting and a solid defence.

Year 7
Win 22-10 TNIS 7/3
The Year 7 team had another successful game last week, although cut short due to the lights going out after the third quarter. The team beat Takapuna Normal Intermediate School and were well on target to score more than 30 goals, if they could have played the last quarter. There was again great team support, coupled with strong quick passes and tight defence, resulting in tips and intercepts as well as great shooting – well done girls!

Netball Update – 25 August

Team 1 NNH
Win 31-18 Whangaparaoa College 3
Team 1 played a great game on Saturday against Whangaparoa College 3 and won the game 31-18. This was Round 4 of the competitions and next week is finals week. The team is currently second in the table based on goal difference and need to win on Saturday as well as having the best goal difference in order to become the Grade 6 Champions – good luck to the girls!

Year 7
Win 20-15 Northcross 7/4
The Year 7 team had a tense game on Thursday against a well matched Northcross 7/4 team. Either team could have won on the night but Wentworth outplayed Northcross in the last quarter thanks to Charlotte Santo-Jones’ strong performance in defence. The team are playing their final game on Thursday for first or second place in Grade 3 Flight and will have to play against Northcross 7/4 again. We wish the girls the best of luck!

Netball Update – 30 August

Year 7 – Final on 30 August 2018

Win 20-19 Northcote 7/4

The final game of the season had spectators absolutely enthralled and the Year 7 Netball girls were brilliant!  It was end-to-end play for the first half of the game, however after the third quarter they were down by several points. Nevertheless, they held their nerve to produce outstanding play in the final quarter, winning by a couple of goals.   Fantastic result girls!

Netball Update – 18 June

Senior Team 1 NNH
Win 34-28 Pinehurst 2
Team 1 had a challenging game against Pinehurst 2 on Saturday. Wentworth got off to a good start in the first quarter but by half time both teams were evenly matched on goals. By making changes to their attacking tactics, Wentworth pulled ahead in the last two quarters to win the game 34-28. It was an exciting game to watch!

Senior Team 2 HBC
Team 2 had a tough game against the Cubs, losing 39-21, but the players are improving every week that they play.

Year 8
Year 8 lost 9-11 to Orewa 7/4.

Year 7
The Year 7 team had their first win of the season last Thursday against Ponsonby 7/3 with an impressive score of 25-10. The shooters put in a solid performance and we began to see an improvement in the team’s defensive play. The mid-courters played well throughout the game. Well done girls!

Netball Update – 1 June

Senior Team 1 NNH:
Senior Team 1 played their last grading game on Saturday at North Harbour against Birkenhead 2. At the start of the game, the two teams were evenly matched on goals but Birkenhead pulled ahead mid-game leaving Wentworth trailing behind by two goals. Wentworth came back in the last quarter to level the score and with good teamwork and determination won the game with a score of 29 to 28.

Senior Team 2 HBC:
Senior Team 2 had a tough game against the Raiders but the players improved on their previous game. It was a challenging game and the team lost 36-12.

Year 8 HBC:
The Year 8 team lost 15-4 to Orewa College 7/2, and felt very small against their tall players. Rosie Li played in centre position and was the star Player of the Day. The team enjoyed the game and had fun.

Year 7 NNH:
Grading at North Harbour has finished and and the Year 7 team have been placed in Grade 3 Red. The Year 7 team had an actioned-packed game on Thursday against Northcote 7/2. The team struggled to find their form in the first quarter, trailing behind 7-0. By making some player changes, Wentworth were winning the game in the third quarter, ahead by four goals. Unfortunately, the team lost its focus in the last quarter and were beaten by Northcote 21-20.

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