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Piwakawaka – Year 1 Blog

Busy Buzzy Bumble Bee

On Thursday, Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to visit Mr Donovan’s house to experience up close, the wonder that is the beautiful Honey Bee. They children observed the worker bees collecting nectar from the abundance of Bottle Brush which line the garden. They sat eagerly as Mr D lit the smoker and used it to gently sedate the bees in the hive so he could safely remove one of the cells. Excitedly the children looked on as Mr D explained all about the honeycomb, why some looked golden and others were capped in white wax. He spoke of the family dynamics in the hive; how the queen is cared for by her guard bees who protect the hive and the worker bees who collect the nectar and pollen. What a fantastic experience we all had. Thank you Mr D!

If it weren’t for your Gumboots where would you be?

You would be at Athletics Day!

Our whole school Athletics Day is a highlight on our school calendar.

We had so much fun taking part in events such as gumboot and dart throwing, long jump, bean bag shot put and our favourite event, the obstacle course.

The Wentworth kindness, encouragement and ‘give it a go’ attitudes where on show and we were all very proud of our youngest students/athletes!

Thank you to all of the spectators (our family members and friends) who came out to cheer us on AND a BIG thank you to Mr D for the yummy iceblocks 🙂

Global Foods Shared Lunch

Global Foods

We enjoyed a fabulous day where we shared fun facts about about our cultures and dressed in traditional clothing. Our shared lunch was an international feast and enjoyed by all.

Welcome to the Kereru Class!

Welcome to the Kereru Class!

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Our little class have had a busy start to Term 3.

We have four new Kereru’s who are loving learning all about the Wentworth Primary Values and they are enjoying making many new friends.

This blog is intended to be an open forum for our Kereru’s to share with you their fun experiences and their exciting learning.  Already, we have been to the Auckland Museum and we are so excited about the upcoming Firewise visit from our local Silverdale Fire Brigade!

Hopefully this blog will provide you with some insight into some of the exciting things we do at Wentworth Primary School.


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