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Wētā – Year 4 blog

Term 1, Weeks 1 – 3

Hi Parents,

It’s been a great start to the 2020 school year.

Class Mascot

In Art, we have been learning to design characters. The students drew their own creations for our Wētā character and then shared with us why they chose certain design features. We narrowed it down to 6 or 7 different student’s designs and chose our favourite features to combine into one character.

The result: Wilbur the Wētā He should be a key character in some of the narratives we write this term. You’ll be forgiven for still finding weta’s a little creepy. Wilbur knows it…he just doesn’t care!

Wilbur the Wētā

The Members of Wētā Class

Ocean, Elsa, Zack, and Arsenii

Amelie, Mia, Enno, and Norah

Sam, Theo, Ezrah, and James

Annie, Trelise, Charles, and Timofei

Khushboo, Mikayla, Selena, and Chloe



We’ve been learning to use efficient strategies for adding and subtracting such as “friends to ten”, “doubles”, “counting up” and “subtracting in parts”.

Nothing like the smell of freshly bought flash cards

Chloe dials up the “Maths intelligence” dial that she keeps on her collarbone

“Is it time for PE yet?”

Term 4: Athletics Day

Athletics Day

Discus or Dislocated arm?

Emily adopts a Zen like pose for greater spiritual lift.

The Green Machine, here to save the day.

Nancy releases 5 weeks of pent-up energy in one jump

Daniel isn’t sure if his use of a grapefruit will go unnoticed.

Michael is overjoyed that the other boys were all too busy in the bathroom to make it to the race.

I hope the drag created by that hat didn’t slow down Ava-Lee too much.

Mrs King is in suspense wondering if Lauren will ever achieve lift-off.

Jack considers all the factors such as wind direction and air humidity before making his throw.

Anna soon after had to apologise to the owner of a low-flying aircraft.

Add an inspirational quote and Ciaran could be posing for a sport-drink commercial.

The girls learn there is only one ice-block left.

Ashlee’s honey sandwich for morning tea is making it hard to get rid of the discus.

Sophie uses sorcery to control her discus.

I blacked out soon after this photo of Olivia’s discus throw.

Barely had I recovered before I was clocked by Yolanda’s throw.


We’ve got our still-life Art on display in the classroom. Still-life could only describe the art of the students, not them personally!


Term 4: Weeks 1 – 3

Halloween Mufti Day

The Reaper and the Reptile

Say Hell-o, girls.

Is that a broom, or a really hairy belly button?

Ah, some sweet relief from the dastardly!

Count Ciaran wishing there was a sunblock with SPF 10,000

A chilling twist on traditional Chinese costume.

The most terrifying Halloween costume of them all: a bucket that consumes Alex’s head whole!

Even the undead just want a good wifi signal


For science we have been looking at electrical circuits. We’ve made some interesting discoveries in regards to how parallel or series circuits affect a light bulb’s brightness.

Term 3: Weeks 7 – 10

School Production: The Final Frontier

After all those hours of practice, it was time to enjoy the performance:

Everyone: “What do you mean I can’t use my script anymore!!?”

Calling them little pop stars would be too easy

Emily has found her whole world has opened up with those three extra eyes

Daniel, clearly polishing off the word “On” before moving on to “Jupiter”

Ashlee “The Rock” West, and Nancy “Stone-cold” Lattimer-Gregory



These torpedoes will disintegrate anyone who calls them Christmas decorations.

Yolanda dares anyone to ask her how often she washes her face.

The planets, not ashamed to be filled with gas.

Bella, after hours of makeup and prosthetics to become “Human Child 2”

the Martian Mafia?


Global Food Day

In Week 7, the Years 4 – 6 shared food from different cultures, and dressed in costumes representing different countries that they identified with.



Term 3: Weeks 4 – 6

Hi parents,

Here’s some photos from some of the special events we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Maths Day

Teddy might have the answer sheet, but Ashlee’s Dad has a body slam that will prevent him from being able to submit it.

Bella uses paper folds on the answer sheet to help gain more thrust.

Sophie’s Dad did an impressive full-flip on the mat, and also did this with the hoola-hoop. Guess which one I got a photo of.

Alex doing…this.

Olivia not showing the signs of exhaustion we would have hoped for by this stage.

Luca’s Dad descends from the sky like no mere mortal.

Ciaran and his amazing invisible booster seat.


Daffodil Day

Cute foreground, rubbish background (not Ava-Lee, the actual rubbish)

Ashlee and Nancy slept in, and forgot to get dressed. Fortunately, they picked the right day to do it.

Michael lighting up his part of the room with that smile.

Daniel looking like something filled with sugar has just entered his bloodstream.

Anna owning the room.

Lauren seems nonchalant about the mythical creature at her shoulder.


Cross Country

We had both shivering and sweating over our time out there.

I’ve already used “Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick” as a caption before. So I won’t use it again.

Daniel has got the hang of this running thing.







Term 3: Weeks 1 – 3

Museum Trip

We had a great time at the Auckland Museum in Week 2. Always new things to spot, and to learn about.

Jack enjoys the rebellious thrill of touching museum exhibits.

Ashlee contemplates her place in the food-chain

The buffet table at the museum.

Ciaran with something he purchased from the gift-shop

Like they’ve never seen water before


We’ve been continuing to explore the properties of magnets, and conducting experiments.



Term 2: Special Events!

There have been a number of fun (but educational!) special events this term.  Let’s review!

Tiritiri Matangi

What a great trip this was. It was fun and fascinating to see the native or introduced birds that New Zealand is lucky to have part of the family. Not to mention the physical benefits of a good stiff walk!

Treasure Hunt Show

This entertaining show was put on by Perform! Theatrical Group. The fun part was that it was interactive, with students either being part of the Treelanders side of the map, or the Seaview division (the moral had to do with taking care of our environment).

Vector Presentation: Staying Safe with Electricity

We had a visit from Vector Energy, which was very informative and well presented. The students learned a lot about how to stay safe with electricity inside or outside the home. We particularly enjoyed the animations where a clueless robot made all the wrong decisions and regularly burnt himself to a crisp : )

Music Festival

Lots of talent on display that night! We successfully pulled off our performance of “Splish Splash” and it was great to see many year 4’s represented in the solo performances.


Avengers of various assortments assembled for the Friday night disco!


Term 1, 2019: Weeks 5 – 7


What a great day Dad’s Day was last Friday. After the school shared some singing – and we sadistically enjoyed listening to the Dads try and get their mouths around some tongue twisters – we went back to our classes for special activities.

In our class, the Dads joined us for some “Minute-to-Win-It” challenges (cracker face, cup stacker, and chopstick challenge). The Dads helped train up the students in their group and provided encouragement when it was time for the competitive challenge. Following that, the best part: getting the Dads to give the challenges a try! Thanks for coming along Dads (and Dad equivalents!), and for giving us some laughs!

Speak up Dads!


Daniel’s buzzed. Sophie’s dad may have sprained a facial muscle.


Bella doing her best Walking Dead impression


Olivia and her dad try using the bridge of the nose as…well, a bridge.


Yolanda employs every facial muscle to full effect. Ashlee faces the obstacle of cracker dust in her eye.


Michael demonstrates to the class his pyramid scheme and how you can start earning money from home.


Great chopstick skills, terrible meal


Good luck telling your chiropractor why you’ve made an appointment!


Barely suppressed competitiveness.


Smell the testosterone!


We’ve continued our focus on solids, liquids and gases.
We’ve been learning to make predictions, test those predictions, and discuss our results.

Term 1, 2019, Weeks 1 – 4


Let me help you get a visual on class Kotare, 2019!

Michael, Luca, and Daniel


Nancy and Bella


Yolanda, Sophie and Anna


Alex and Jack


Ava-Lee and Bella


Ashlee and Olivia


Ciaran and Raffaello


Surely there’s no better way to learn about measurement than to actually measure things!


We’ve been learning about states of matter (solids, liquids and gases). Here we are testing predictions we made about which solids would melt quickest in the sun.


Always popular, we had our annual visit from the Life Education van. Led by Chris, with the help of Harold the Giraffe, the students had some rich discussions around friendship.

Term 4 Highlights

Hi Parents,

Well, just like that, the year is nearly at an end. It’s been a privilege teaching the students of class Korora, and I’m glad I’ll be seeing most of them around next year.

Here’s a couple of highlights from the last few weeks…


The students have produced some really nice pieces of work this term. There was landscapes in the first few weeks, and lately we’ve been drawing and painting still-lifes.

the colour of Sienna’s roof is, well, sienna of course!


Ethan’s philosophy of art is to curve the spine in harmony with the curves of his lines.


Tiger’s controversial technique is to drink the paint-water, so as to be at one with the art.

Class Plays

When you’re a woman of mature years, you need to use the jaw for extra grip.


Oscar is part of an expedition, along with his robot Thomas, to explore a planet inhabited by aliens (Claire and Jack)


Aston wishing he’d brought a gun to this fight.


Chelsea unfortunately underestimates the distance needed for a stage dive.



We had a great lesson, led by Jenna Gainford.

Thomas wonders why he’s heard adults swearing when playing golf…it’s not that hard?


Golf is a lot more motivating when aiming for human targets.



This term we’ve covered the physics of sound.

Daniel conducts his teams rendition of “it sort of sounds like a song”


Experimenting with glass and water out on the grass means that the crickets provide a backing choir


Luke uses a string telephone to share a piece of juicy gossip with Konstantin


While Claire is testing a paper banger, Chelsea perfects her runway pose.



In Week 5, we had our annual Athletics Day.

Ethan’s shadow has already cleared the jump, so you know he’s going to be fine.


Not casting spells, but practicing shotput.



Oral Language

There’s been lots of opportunities for strengthening oral language skills this term: persuasive speeches, news sharing, and sharing presentations for topic.

Harper shares a speech on Lego, ensuring that you’ll be pestered for expensive kits for Christmas.


Ollie sharing on the topic of skateboarding


Poppy using eye-contact to make sure that her audience are as riveted as she expects them to be.


Sienna shares some medals. Chelsea wants one



In Week 7 we had our sailing day with Volvo, Learn to Sail. We’re grateful to have gotten such good conditions in a week that wasn’t always pleasant!

Daniel and Tiger looking as smooth as the water.


Luke and Oscar find that sailing is pretty cruisy when you remove the ocean.


Jack looks for unchartered land


Daniel and Tiger see if they can get any fish nibbling on their scalp.


Claire shows no-hands. Poppy resists shaking the boat.


Ollie overboard!



Term 3, Weeks 4 – 7 Highlights.

Hi parents,

Now that we’re nearly at the end of Term 3, let me share with you a few highlights:


We finished up our investigations of magnets, by making our own compasses from corks and needles. We can now attest that we’re going North when we exit through the classroom door!

Daniel now knows where North is, and is ready to go question Santa about a gift he never received.


These guys are giddy with excitement at their discoveries. Or corks in water looking like floating poops. Probably the latter.

Lately, we’ve been looking at the human skeleton. Below you’ll see photos of us comparing the measurements of our major bones.

“My vertebrae are more impressive than yours”


Dr Chen, prepares his patient for a lobotomy


Dylan, looking like he has all the makings of an excellent tailor.



Recently, we’ve had a focus on geometry: naming, drawing, and constructing three dimensional shapes.

Aston and Harper show that it’s not just girls that are known for their delicate craftsmanship.


Tiger juggles two cubes. Coming up: he swallows three tetrahedrons that are on fire.

Computational Thinking

The student’s have learnt a significant amount of computer skills this term, including how to use email, and how to use the Google suite (Google docs, Google Slides etc) to produce work.

Jack checks the status of his financial stocks, and decides whether to invest in bitcoin.



Persuasive Writing and Speeches

We’ve had a focus this term on learning the features of effective persuasive writing and speaking. We’ve recently been practicing our oral language skills by sharing a page from a novel. We’re now in the process of writing our own speeches.

Konstantin decides that having to hold the book is for sissies


Grandpa Rensen enthralls us all with tales from long ago.



We’ve added another illustrated narrative to our storybooks this term.

Dylan’s latest is a war between robots and humans.


Luke’s latest is the story of a war between flies and spiders.
War! – what is it good for? Stories, if nothing else.



In Art, we’ve had a focus on learning to draw and colour landscapes.

Poppy finishes giving her tree a “perm”.


Chelsea’s left hand takes a holiday, while her right hand is busy at work.


Production Rehearsal

As you would have heard, we have our major production coming up at the end of term. We’ve been busy learning and rehearsing all the songs and dances

At Wentworth we pride ourselves on students being able to know where their knees and ears are.



Term 3, Weeks 1 – 3 Highlights

Hi parents,

Here’s some highlights from the term thus far…

New Students

At the start of Term 3, we had two young men join us: Konstantin and Ollie. Three weeks in, they’re part of the team, and it’s easy to forget that they’re new.

Konstantin and Ollie. Both always early for school because they don’t have to
waste time styling their hair.



Early this term we finished our self portraits. They are hanging in the school hallway for you to check out, next time you are in.

Oscar in the early stages of a skin-graft


Daniel animated in more ways than one.



For topic, we’re taking a look at history. We’ll begin to focus on the 1920’s: the period of our upcoming school production.

Matching his place on the timeline, Tiger adopts the pose of a reclining Roman emperor



We’ve been focusing on the properties and behaviour of magnets.

Ollie finds his bones and sinews are no match for magnetic force.


Konstantin gets a trail of magnets going


Harper made this himself at home: a magnetic contraption that causes two coins to stand upright.


Oscar uses magnets to become a hipster. Now he just needs skinny jeans.



We’ve been learning to participate in “Literacy Circles”. The students are in groups of 5, with each group reading the same novel. They have different roles to fulfil, such as “Discussion Director”, “Passage Picker”, “Word Master” etc. Every 3 days they have a discussion day where they discuss and share what they have prepared.

Claire ponders the far-reaching implications of Poppy’s statement. Or, she just wishes it was
her turn. Can’t remember which.


The boys are turning pages. An important skill to master when you are reading.


Ethan seems to literally have his nose in a book.


Luke and Dylan with their best “show me how much you love learning” faces


Cross Country

On Friday 10th August, we had our annual cross country event. An all around good effort and attitude from the Year 4’s. No tears, just flushed faces!

The Sienna-strut


The Aston-Martin, firing on all cylinders


The Jack-Be-Nimble, Jack-Be-Quick

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