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Netball Update – 28 June

May 3, 2019 | College Sport News, Netball

Team 1 NNH
Loss 25-26 to Carmel College 8
Team 1 had a close game with Carmel College 8 last Saturday, losing by only one goal. It was a tough game and the team played their best.

Year 8
The team were boosted by a few players who agreed to step in at the last minute, as some were unable to play. A valiant effort was made by all in what proved to be a high pressured game. Unfortunately the physical height of the other team beat us on the day, but a good game was had by all.

Year 7
The Year 7 netballers continued their battle with sickness and had to call upon other students to make up a full team. Many thanks to Rosie Donovan and Stephanie Ye for once again stepping forward to help the team out!

The team played TNIS 7/3 last week and lost 23-13. The team did their best under the circumstances but needed to watch their passing as they kept losing the ball to the opposition.

This Thursday, the team played Carmel 7/2 and it was a close game. They lost 19-16 and there is still room for improvement in their passing.

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