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Sep 16, 2019 | Flippaball, Primary Sport News

This was a semi-final game and a real nail biter. We only had 7 players which meant having to make a lot of positional changes. By half time we were 3 points behind at 0-3, and while we had shots at goal we weren’t able to convert them into points. The final score was a draw at 4-4 which was a great comeback! The whole team played superbly with each player owning their position. The outcome for next week’s finals will be based on a points differential. By my calculations both teams have 21 points, however the Marlins have won 5 games and drawn 1, whereas the Swordfish have won 3 and lost 3. Hopefully we march on to the finals. Players of the Day were Daniel Vaudrey for drawing the opposition defender and creating space while in strike, and Mikayla Easton for great defence and generating at least one penalty from the opposition.

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