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SUMMER SOCCER – Years 1&2, 3&4 and 5&6 – 10 December 2018

Dec 10, 2018 | Primary Sport News, Summer Soccer

Wentworth Storm – Year 1
Yay, we scored a goal – our second since the season started so a big deal for our team!  Such a fun game in the pouring rain.  We only had 4 players owing to the weather, but they played really well together – such a team, discussing strategy as 5 year olds do as they walked between games, and calling out to each other to pass.  In the first game, we lost 4-1 to Kingsway Fire, with our wonderful goal scored by Maddie Vaudrey.  We would have scored another one but a giant puddle (small lake!) stopped the ball dead about 5cm off the line – otherwise it would have sailed in.  In the second game we lost 0-3 to ‘Fast and The Furious’.  In good spirits, the opposition loaned us a player to help balance the sides.  Caleb Gainford lost his first tooth on the pitch, so a lot of distractions as children searched for a tooth rather than chasing the ball!!  Players of the Day went to the whole team – Caleb Gainford, Ophelia Cooke, Lewis West and Maddie Vaudrey – for playing whilst soaking wet without complaining and for working together.  These kids are fearless!

Wentworth Warriors – Years 1 & 2
Five brave Wentworth Warriors turned up on Monday afternoon last week despite heavy rain and strong winds! Elsa, Ezrah, Charles, Jacob and Theo all deserve to be named Players of the Day as with only five players they all had to be on the pitch constantly as we had no subs. They demonstrated great stamina and enthusiasm, even when playing in tough conditions.
Due to the weather our first opponent, Orewa North Stormers, didn’t turn up so we were awarded a point by default. Buzzing with energy, the Warriors went on to play a friendly game with Orewa Primary and won 1-0 after Jacob scored the winning goal. The whole team showed great progress by spreading out, passing effectively and making sure defence was always covered.
Our second match was again the Red Beach Barons who benefited from a couple of years of winter soccer training and a number of subs. The score was 5-0 to the Barons. The Warriors continued strongly, not put off and gave their all until the end of the match, demonstrating great resilience and team spirit.
Charles was awarded Player of the Day for attending all matches and showing great effort and enthusiasm all Term.

Wentworth Magpies – Years 3 & 4
Even with the shocking weather we had a full team last Monday; well done everyone.  Due to our awesome sportsmanship a couple of our players joined the other team as they were short.  We lost both games 3-1 and 5-1 with Ethan scoring both goals for the Magpies.  Well done Ethan.
Isabella won Player of the Day for her awesome defence and strong delivery as striker.
A very wet and wild soccer afternoon.  We are very proud of the teamwork and continuous improvement this team is showing.  The most important thing is they really enjoy it.  If only we could have 5 strikers on the team every week!

Wentworth Strikers – Years 5 & 6
Kingsway Flare 8                          0 Wentworth Strikers
Westminster Thunder 8                0 Wentworth Strikers

THANK YOU so much to those who braved the terrible weather last Monday.  It was great to see the enthusiasm of the children.  These games marked the end of the competition round for us, and it was always going to be a tough ask as we had the top two teams to play.  You all played well and never gave up which is always pleasing to watch.
A special thank you to Sandra Oliver for her team talks of encouragement, knowing the rules and being their each Monday to support the children.   Also a big thank you to the parents who helped to set up the goals each week to ensure we could start our games on time.  Thanks also to our parent side line who clapped and cheered us on each week.
Player of the Day was Amy Akehurst.

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