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Year 8 Global Perspectives students plant native trees


Year 8 Global Perspectives students plant native trees

Year 8 Global Perspectives students plant native trees

Last week, 40 Year 8 students planted over 500 native trees on property owned by Gulf Harbour Country Club, behind Regency Lake. Despite an unusually long, hot, dry summer, COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and an Auckland Council directive to turn off the shadehouse...

Science, Maths and Art!

Maths We have been learning to identify lines of symmetry, and using mirrors to confirm our answers. We also used the mirrors to identify lines of symmetry in our face: there’s always a pesky freckle or two that spoil perfect symmetry though! Art Sometimes you...

What’s The Time Mr Wolf

In Year three we have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock.  To complete our topic on time we did a treasure hunt.  With a buddy we had to read the time on the clocks and write the answers on the answer sheet.  We had so much fun.

Money, money, money!

It has been fantastic to come back to school! We have been having a lot of fun together and have particularly enjoyed learning about earning money, spending it, and giving change. We found out all about money and then practiced spending it and giving...

Sew……….a needle pulling thread!

Sewing – what an absolutely wonderful skill for children to learn! A Kiwi class friend gave us all a challenge this week!  Could we sew a button onto some material using a REAL needle? Well………we rose to the challenge………we used...

Young Einsteins

Our Moa Science Week winners were Claire, Dylan, Oscar, Amy and Harper. They had to answer tricky questions on a variety of Science topics and our young scientists were on excellent form. Well done!

One fish, two fish, red fish, STARFISH!

On Tuesday we were the luckiest class in the land because our school was allowed to go to Kelly Tarlton’s AND we had the entire aquarium to OURSELVES! We certainly made the most of it!  We saw sea horses, touched starfish and we even made our own colourful fish...

Kelly Tarlton Visit

We were SO excited to visit the Kelly Tarlton Aquarium this week. It was lovely that we were able to have the whole place to ourselves. We enjoyed exploring all of the different areas. We went through the tunnel, where we saw sharks, fish and stingrays. We also...

Year 5 – Term 1 Learning

Here are a few snapshots of us in action. In Science we observed flowers and dissected them to see the different parts. Here we are engrossed in our reading. We love to add new words that we come across into our word books, so that we can use them in our own...

Year 5 – Term 1: Grandparents Galore

In Term 1, we welcomed our lovely Grandparents along to visit the school and our classrooms. We had lots of fun! We sang for the Grandparents as a whole school, then went to our classrooms, where we played a variety of games, both old and new.

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