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Ye-Ha Wild West Musical Comedy


Ye-Ha Wild West Musical Comedy

Ye-Ha Wild West Musical Comedy

Last Wednesday evening, the Wentworth Primary Years 2, 4 and 6 students brought to life a brilliant Wild Western musical comedy, “Ye,Ha”. The show delivered singing, dancing, laughter and lots of fun. The children were fantastic, especially as rehearsal time had been...

Term 3 Various

Here’s a few things we’ve been up to lately: Science For science, we have been continuing to explore how sounds works, including how it uses vibrations. Paper cup and string phones are a practical, and fun, way to demonstrate this.   We have also been...
Primary School Cross Country fun!

Primary School Cross Country fun!

What a wonderful sunny day for our annual Wentworth Primary School cross country run, and a great way to enjoy being outside and having some fun. The whole school participated, and once again we were reminded of how awesome our students are, how well they supported...


We have been learning about electrical circuits during Science time. We now know that electricity travels in a circle, which is called a circuit. A battery or a switch or a break in the circuit, can cause our power to stop going around and our bulb does not work. It...

Sharing learning experiences across the Primary

Over the past term, the Piwakawaka children have become excellent data collectors. They have discovered there are many ways to present their data; such as tally charts, pictograms and block charts. Extending from this, the children learnt to read and interpret data so...

Purple Mash Computer Science Integration

Year three students have been using the Purple mash programme across the curriculum, here is a show case of some of the work produced.  This has been implemented throughout the year.  The main is focus remains paper and pencil. Once you have accessed the link you can...

Collaborative Learning!

We had a new teacher in our Kiwi Class today.  Our new teacher (a lovely member of our Kiwi class) brought in the most interesting news and discussed perspective and different viewpoints of objects, such as a cup. We then drew three different views of the cup!...

Grow! Protect! Taste!

The new mantra in our Kiwi class is…… Grow, Protect and Taste vegetables. Our Kiwi Class have become members of a special club called the Little Garden League.  This is an initiative designed to encourage children to enjoy vegetables and develop an...

Father’s Day!

Father’s Day provided our Kiwi Class with the opportunity to remind their dad’s of how loved and appreciated they are! The Kiwi Class were extremely excited about making cards for dad and they couldn’t wait to take them home. I hope that all of our...
Local MP Mark Mitchell visit

Local MP Mark Mitchell visit

In Global Perspectives this Term Year 9 are learning about New Zealand’s system of Government. Yesterday, our local MP, Mark Mitchell, visited to answer a wide range of questions put to him by the students, about the life of a politician and a variety of current...

Making Learning Authentic

Pokemon cards are very popular in the Year three class.  So I decided what a great motivator to bring the cards into the learning.  In Mathematics we are learning about Data Handling.  The students are using the Pokemon cards to create a database using Purple mash,...

Back in Class!

I am very pleased to have Year 5 back in class and learning with their peers again. Take a look at what we have been doing in Science this week:

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