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Maths with Numicon


Maths with Numicon

This week we have been working on our number bonds to 10 and subtraction knowledge. The children have used solid objects, number lines and Numicon to respond to written word problems and number sentences/ calculations. The children enjoy using the Numicon as it...

Mr Wesbonk Wants to……help us with Art

Our creative Year 4 teacher, Mr Wesbonk, inspired us to attempt to draw a character in Art on Friday. Firstly we watched Mr Wesbonk Wants To…..and then we followed Mr Wesbonk’s tips and hints to create our very own characters.  The finished drawings were...

Distance Learning Achievements

These past eight weeks have quite possibly been the most challenging, emotional, creative and spectacular weeks  in my entire teaching career. With such a spectrum of emotions and experiences, I stopped today to reflect on the achievements that have arose from an...

Home learning 2020

Well, what a different kind of March and April we have had this year! We have been working and learning from home. I feel incredibly proud of everyone in the Tui Class – and the mums and dads. I know it has been very hard juggling all those balls, but everyone...

Story Time with Bodhi

Bodhi decided to be a Year 2 teacher for the morning! He chose a book and then took it home to learn. Then he brought it back to school the next morning and read it to the class! Bodhi did a fantastic job and everyone loved hearing him read.


Mr Donovan took the Year 1 and Year 2 classes to see his busy busy bees! He dressed up in his special suit, which protects him in case a bee decides to sting, and showed us how the bees buzz all around the trees in his garden and take pollen back into their hive. Mr...

Self Portraits

The Year 2 class made some fantastic Self Portraits during Art time. Looking at photos of ourselves, we made sure we added our eyes, noses and mouth exactly where they should be. We finished up with some wonderful pieces of art!  ...

Distance Learning!

Covid-19 has taken a lot away from us but it has also presented us with new opportunities. Distance Learning, for example, was something that I had experienced as a University student but I had NEVER considered Distance Teaching. On Wednesday March 25th 2020, Distance...

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